What is Whatsapp & How Does it Work?

April 7, 2023


WhatsApp is a chat application for next-generation mobile phones, the so-called smartphones . It is used to send text and multimedia messages between its users.

Its operation is similar to the most common instant messaging programs for computers, although focused and adapted to the mobile. There is a desktop WhatsApp web for computers and therefore WhatsApp also works on iPad and most tablets.

Each user is identified with his mobile phone number. It is enough to know someone’s number to have it in the WhatsApp contact list… or wasap , which is also correct. In order to converse, it is essential that both the sender and the recipient have this application installed on their digital device.

The messages are sent through the network to the destination phone. To be able to use WhatsApp or WhatsApp web, you have to contract a mobile line and, for that, it is convenient to consult the telephone offers and the rates for smartphones.

WhatsApp on my mobile and WhatsApp web on my PC

Not all mobile phones can use this application. The first requirement is that it be a smartphone and, consequently, have an operating system.

Among mobiles there are some devices that do not support this App, although fewer and fewer. On the WhatsApp website you can download the application, which is pre-installed on some models. The download is free. The hoax “WhatsApp will be paid” has come out many times in digital media and social networks. At the moment, it is free, including the WhatsApp Business application.

Even to be able to use WhatsApp web from a computer, the associated mobile phone must have WhatsApp with an active account, since the web version is just an extension of the App, synchronized. If the mobile application is turned off, deactivated or without coverage, WhatsApp web will not work either.

What is WhatsApp Used for?

The possibilities of WhatsApp vary depending on the phone or device we have. There are models that accept a basic version and others more advanced. There are versions for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows Phone, and Windows desktop (version 8 or higher, 32-bit or 64-bit).

The application allows, in addition to text chat, to send photos, audio and videos. It has direct access to conventional calls, which are charged by the contracted telephone operator, and WhatsApp calls , or even video calls, which are transmitted over the Internet and can either be free if we are connected to Wi-Fi, or consume data. .

You can customize the application, use emoticons or block users among other things. In general, setup is straightforward. It is also possible to share our location with the user with whom we connect.

How is WhatsApp Used? Is it safe?

One of the keys to the success of this application lies in its accessibility. It has a simple operation and its learning is very easy. Everyone can start sending and receiving WhatsApp immediately. You choose what you want to share, write (or not) a message and press the send button. To receive, you open the app and select the conversation.

The other strong point is the security that protects the conversations thanks to its end-to-end encryption system.

The Californian company Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, but has not integrated it into the structure of its social network, which at the moment continues to use Messenger as a private messaging system between its users. Since then, security has been strengthened, even allowing chat participants to confirm the encryption code.

According to WhatsApp, no one can decrypt the messages, not even them. As long as the contrary is not proven, of course. Is it a matter of faith?