The 14 Best Tools to Manage Social Media

March 22, 2023


If you have already started with your social media strategy, you know that it is not always the easiest task, and that there are many factors that you must take into account; it is a full time job. Fortunately, today there are endless tools to manage social Media that focus on making your job easier and providing valuable information so that all your efforts have great results.

Whether you work in the marketing department, are freelance or have started your own business, here are some of the best programs to manage your social media. We have grouped them into different functionalities to simplify the search.

  • Tools for scheduling and posting on social media.
  • Tools to manage social Media: identify, analyze and grow your audience.
  • Social Media tools for creating and editing images.
  • Tools to manage social media with influencers.
  • Tools for everyday tasks.

Tools For Scheduling And Posting On Social Media

Take advantage of the software created to help you schedule all the posts you want to do on your networks, even if you have multiple channels. So you can have your strategy planned and managed beforehand to focus on being able to connect with your community and grow your business.

1. SocialAtoz

SocialAtoz is a social media scheduling and management tool. It allows users to schedule posts, track analytics, and manage multiple accounts across different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • It also has a feature for team collaboration, where multiple users can access and manage the same accounts.
  • The tool also offers a feature for discovering and curating content, as well as the ability to create and publish posts across multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • The tool is designed to save time and effort for businesses and individuals looking to manage their social media presence effectively.
  • SocialAtoz offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows users to track the performance of their social media accounts and posts.
  • Users can view metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and click-through rates, and can also compare their performance to that of their competitors.
  • The tool also includes a feature for monitoring and managing comments and messages across all social media accounts, which helps to streamline customer engagement.
  • SocialAtoz also offers a feature for automating recurring posts, which can help users to maintain a consistent social media presence even when they are busy or unavailable.
  • Users can also make use of the tool’s URL shortener, which allows them to track clicks and engagement on their links.
  • The tool provides a white-label solution for agencies and businesses to manage client accounts from a single platform.
  • SocialAtoz has a mobile app for android and iOS for easy access on the go.

2. AgoraPulse 

Agorapulse is ideal for organizing and managing posts, managing responses and creating detailed reports.

  • It allows you to plan, collaborate and schedule the content you have in your social media plan.
  • It has software that helps optimize your posts to maximize their performance on each social network.
  • The release schedule is visually appealing and easy to understand so you can stay on top of the progress of your strategy. Likewise, it is possible to reschedule content so that it is visible to new audiences at different times.
  • It has a mobile application so you can schedule your content from anywhere.
  • The tool groups all the conversations that are happening on your social media in one place. In this way you make sure to respond to each message, comment or review in record time to improve the relationship with your audience and not lose the opportunity of a potential client.
  • The publications can be adapted to the format of each of the social media that you manage. You will be able to follow the interactions that take place around your social network.
  • In addition to helping you schedule and publish content, this tool is used to manage your social media, create sweepstakes, contests or activities that boost engagement with your followers.
  • It supports YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Agorapulse is one of the best social media management tools in terms of metrics and analytics. It has statistical studies that, in addition to helping you to know your audience, provides knowledge of the best day and time to publish according to your followers, the most effective content, measures the reach of your publications, among others.
  • One of your only problems may be the price. It has a 15-day free trial and its prices start from 100 euros per month.

3. Metricool

Another tool for managing social media that you cannot miss is Metricool. On the same platform, you can plan, manage, create ads, monitor and get reports.

Its list of products includes: analytics, planning, competitor analysis, SmartLinks, Inbox, real time, announcements, reports, data studio and Chrome extensions.

Regarding the planning service, this software to manage social media:

  • It works for various networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and blogs.
  • It allows you to build a simple and visual editorial calendar. The calendar helps you schedule posts at the best times, you can filter the calendar by social network, preview posts before uploading, and import your CSV schedule to the calendar with one click.
  • It has the possibility of automating content to keep social media active and not lose engagement with your audience. In an easy way, you can establish the periodicity and save time.
  • The social media management tool has the option of multiposting. This allows you to effortlessly publish the same content across multiple platforms. Before publishing them, you get a preview.
  • Analyze audience behavior to indicate the best posting times based on your audience.
  • It has the SmartLinks service: direct links that take people from your different social media to your website through a microsite.
  • It helps to monitor the general situation of the contents that are published in all the networks in a single panel.
  • Shows a summary of the performance of each social network such as reach, impressions, likes, comments.
  • It has plans for all needs. There is a free version or paid versions that start from 10 USD per month.

4. Hootsuite

If you work as a community manager or are in charge of multiple social network accounts, you will make this social network management tool your ally on a daily basis, since it allows you to manage up to 20 social media in a single dashboard.

Hootsuite  is a platform that is simple to use but with many functions, all to make managing social media as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Thanks to its automatic scheduling function, in a couple of clicks you can schedule posts from all social media.
  • The calendar design allows you to consult the publications in an easy way.
  • You can create content and share it on different social channels.
  • It allows you to monitor all posts and messages from followers in one place. So you can respond as quickly as possible and even share the feedback with your team.
  • The social media management tool allows you to plan upcoming campaigns, view scheduled content, and collaborate in real time with the team.
  • The monitoring service helps create more effective campaigns by recommending the best time to post content based on the users of your social profiles.
  • It helps to analyze the results and create reports to understand the impact of shared content.
  • One of the most outstanding features of Hootsuite is its dashboards, where you can monitor by custom columns depending on what you want to view. For example, feed from
  • Instagram, Twitter mentions, Hashtags or monitoring the competition.
  • It has an App for mobile devices.
  • It allows integration with more than 150 apps like Trello and Slack.
  • It has courses and certificates so you can get the most out of the tool.
  • It has 4 plans: Professional for one person, 10 social media accounts from 39 euros, team, business or Enterprise.

Tools To Manage Social Media: Identify, Analyze And Grow Your Audience

For your social media strategy to be truly effective, you know that you must constantly monitor what is happening with your brand, your competitors, and global trends.

So you can make sure you are generating valuable content at the right time. Fortunately, you have tools for managing your social media that precisely help you monitor everything that happens so that you can make the best decisions.

5. Salesforce Social Studio

Social Studio is a tool created by Salesforce and focuses on performing extensive analysis of any type of data or post on social media. The purpose of this analysis is that users can have a very clear idea about what is happening in a specific social network.

  • It has a social network listening tool where it collects conversations from more than 650 million different sources. This way you can have a clear idea of ​​what people are saying about your brand, products, your competitors, trends and influential conversations. This information allows decisions to be made more aligned with what is happening on social media.
  • Social Studio helps you respond to your customers as quickly as possible by giving them engaging content. In addition, it has technology to be able to measure the feelings of the users; an element that helps to know the general emotion linked to your brand.
  • It helps to organize the information by discussions and topics and allows tagging the work team to be more efficient with the responses.
  • Social posts can be redirected to the CRM platform for a more detailed customer view.

6. Brandwatch

Without a doubt, Brandwatch is the best tool for managing social media focused on social listening.

It has the ability to help you find out the opinion of consumers on any topic you need. This tool brings together the largest historical and real-time consumer databases, has data from 100 million sites, with billions of sources and adds 501 million new conversations every day.

  • Collect millions of posts, comments and conversations, videos, hashtags that are relevant to your brand.
  • It has Image Insight, AI technology with the ability to read a company logo even without the name being mentioned.
  • Being able to identify trends that are emerging helps you make smart and accurate decisions. Likewise, it gives you the possibility of finding new market opportunities.
  • You have the possibility of improving your ROI. By focusing your social media actions and strategies on solid data and insights, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Protect your brand from a threat or image crisis.
  • Accounts with notifications with parameters defined according to the needs.
  • The results and reports can be classified by complaints, feedback, opinions, etc.
  • The web platform has several trend analysis reports from different sectors so that you always know your audience.

7. Keyhole

If you are looking to make your life easy when it comes to publishing and analyzing your strategies, this social media management tool is your solution. Keyhole has a variety of services such as social listening, post scheduling, and monitoring and reporting for brands, influencers, and campaigns. All from the same platform.

These are some of the most outstanding features of this page to manage social media:

  • It allows you to manage multiple accounts from the same place, helping to simplify the process.
  • It has tools that provide insights so you know how to optimize each post and maximize its impact.
  • It has a calendar so you can visualize the entire social media strategy. You can program your entire strategy in advance to be on top of each step. Likewise, you can go back months to see what they have done.
  • The platform is ideal for you to collaborate with your entire team and not lose information while sending emails. Everyone can work on strategy and content from the platform. Likewise, clients can have access to see the posts before they are published.
  • With its social listening tool, you can find out more about your consumers: what they talk about, what they are like, what they like, what they share and what they say about you.
  • With Keyhole recommendations, you have relevant information like the best times to post and which hashtags to use.
  • It has the influencer analysis service so you know which ones are most compatible with your brand.
  • You have access to all the direct and indirect messages of your brand, hashtags, influencers and keywords. In this way you can connect with your audience in a better way.
  • It has AI-based sentiment analysis to understand how your followers feel about you and your competitors.
  • Automate social media reports to save hours and avoid errors. In addition, measure the impact of your campaigns and events and identify which trends are bringing the best results, giving you data on the activities that are generating the most relationships with consumers.
  • Compare the performance of your brand’s networks and those of the competition. In addition, it helps you understand the content and strategy of the competition to know what works for them.
  • Reports are done in seconds and in formats with easy-to-understand layouts. They can be downloaded in XLS and PDF formats.

Social Media Tools For Creating And Editing Images

Managing social media starts from the creation of the pieces. Therefore, keep these tools focused on helping you design your pieces and videos so that they do not go unnoticed by your audience.

8. Canva

Canva has become very popular for the design of all kinds of pieces. Now you can create all the posts of different social media or reports that generate impact.

  • The platform has a huge variety of predesigned templates that can be found by color, theme, industry, or by type of use: Social media posts, blog headers, Instagram stories, videos, infographics, posters, invitations, among others.
  • You can choose from thousands of graphics, icons, fonts and images or easily incorporate your brand colors and logos.
  • You can animate all your designs to make them even more attractive.
  • Their software is very easy to understand and use, so everyone can feel like a designer.
  • Allows you to add people to the project so that your team is aligned.
  • It has a free version that gives you access to all the platform’s tools or an option to pay for the Premium icons you use. The paid version, Canva Business gives you access to more unique elements and more design and customization freedom and starts as low as $12/month.

9. Crello

Are you looking for software that helps you make very professional pieces in a simple way? Crello is the tool you need to use.

It has templates for all the pieces you need to create on social media or the web. The more than 50,000 exportable design formats in 36 different configurations are some of the features that make this tool stand out.

  • You don’t have to worry about the dimensions of different platforms, this social media management tool does the work for you.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Formats that stand out are: Posts and Stories, Covers and Headlines, Online Ads, Marketing, and Videos and Animations.
  • It has graphic or video formats for all social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube as well as banners for e-commerce pages like Ebay or templates for email marketing.
  • Help create logos.
  • You have a library of creative resources: stock photos, videos, animations and illustrations for your pieces.
  • It has tutorials in case you need tips to get the most out of the tool.
  • It has a free plan or payment for $10 USD per month.

10. Photo

The last tool to manage social media focused on the design of the pieces is Fotor.  This platform focuses above all on helping you edit photos with a couple of clicks.

It has more than 100,000 templates in every imaginable format so you can design your social media pieces, ads, or marketing presentations.

  • It is available in 9 languages.
  • Allows you to crop or resize an image.
  • Smart technology that helps you remove backgrounds from images with a couple of clicks.
  • It has all the tools to edit and aesthetically improve your photos.
  • If your photos include people, you have the possibility to eliminate one or another skin imperfection.
  • Add effects to photos to give them a unique touch and make them stand out even more.
  • You can use it from your computer or cell phone. Although the most complete tools are in a PC version.
  • Endless tutorials to inspire you and improve your photo editing skills.
  • It is free but it has paid plans in case you want an even more professional touch.

Tools To Manage Your social media With Influencers

social media play by their own rules, where users and content rule. For this reason, it is often easier to go where your potential customers are than to try to create your community from scratch.

This is the power that influencers and relevant media have. Keep in mind these tools that help you boost your social media by finding the perfect influencers.

11. Coobies

Coobis understands that the value of influencers is the content they create and the loyal audience they target. For this reason, today, this platform is focused on helping more than 12,000 companies find the influencers most related to them to work together creating relevant content.

  • The interface is easy to understand and very intuitive. It allows you to filter the ranking of media and influencers by aspects such as: Authority, number of followers on social media, by country, web traffic and by specific topics.
  • You can monitor the impact using specific metrics.
  • It is a perfect tool for brands, media and influencers looking to create content campaigns.
  • Its services are focused on: Branded content, to improve brand recognition and increase web traffic; influencers, to better connect with your audience and SEO, to better position in search engines.
  • They have more than 30,000 media, websites and influencers so you can create exclusive and relevant content for your brand such as sponsored articles, mentions on social media, video appearances, among other actions.

12. Publicsuites

Publisuites is a platform that seeks to make life easier for those who want to boost their business and stand out in the online world. In 40 countries, they facilitate the relationship between brands and companies with relevant media, editors and influencers.

  • They are in charge of finding the media, editors or specific influencers for your brand. Thus, you can focus that time on other tasks.
  • On one platform, you can buy sponsored content and posts on blogs and press, and collaborations with influencers.
  • You have the help of an SEO specialist, who helps manage all the content you publish so that it is more visible in search engines.
  • The platform has a wide portfolio: 13,093 specialized media, 3,439 segmented influencers, 3,660 editors.
  • You have access to the academy of this digital management tool, where you can find free courses and guides to further enhance the strategies.

Tools For Everyday Tasks

Managing social media strategies is not an easy task, especially in a digital space where everything has to happen at the speed of light. For this reason, part of the tools to manage social media have to do with the planning and organization of specific activities.

These tools will help you to make your work more fluid, collaborative and ensure that each task is completed on time. You can put an end to the eternal threads of emails or lost information.

13. Asana

Whether you work alone or have a large team , Asana is the ideal tool to manage all your social media projects.

  • Allows you to share the project with the whole team.
  • Its interface is very visual, making it an easy tool to understand and use.
  • It has calendars, task assignment, activity tracking and notifications.
  • The scheduler categorizes tasks that are pending, in progress, or finished, so everyone knows what your social media campaigns are about. Likewise, it monitors finances and expenses.
  • Helps identify friction points and bottlenecks to help all members get their tasks done.
  • Improves communication between the team, since everyone has a complete picture of the project and the process in which each person is.
  • It has a free or paid version from approximately $12 USD per month.


Trello  is well known and used to unify the effort among the team, manage projects, assign tasks and keep track of the actions of each one. creating boards and customizing workflows depending on your needs: meetings, brainstorming, projects, events or goals.

  • Allows you to assign tasks to know who is responsible for each part of the work.
  • It is very friendly to use.
  • All users can include notes on topics, improvements or progress.
  • You can set pending and delivery times so that everything flows more efficiently.
  • You can divide the activities into 3 columns: to do, in progress and completed. In addition to maintaining order, it helps build a sense of accomplishment in the team by seeing multiple tasks completed.
  • You can generate notices for tasks that are about to expire. In this way, project delays are reduced.
  • It allows linking with more applications.
  • It has a free or paid version.

Consider the big picture

We have come a long way. We hope you have a better idea of ​​all the tools for managing social media that undoubtedly make your life easier.

Remember that it is important that all marketing and sales actions are in tune. For that, the best solution is to use all-in-one digital marketing platforms, where you can manage everything from one place.