Snapchat Emoji Meaning Explained in 2023

August 10, 2023


Welcome to our blog, where we explore the fascinating world of Snapchat emojis and their meanings. The popular social media platform Snapchat has revolutionized how we communicate by incorporating these expressive little symbols into our chats. From smiley faces to fire emojis, each carries a unique message and can add depth and personality to your conversations.

In this blog, “Snapchat Emoji Meaning,” we will delve into the various emojis and uncover their hidden meanings. Whether you’re a seasoned Snapchat user or new to the platform, this guide will provide valuable insights into decoding the emoji language of Snapchat. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of expression and connection in your Snapchat interactions. Let’s dive in!

What are Snapchat emojis?

Snapchat emojis are displayed next to Snapchat usernames in your Friends list. They also appear next to Snapchat Stories on the Discover page.

These emojis are assigned based on interactions with other Snapchat users. Snapchat tracks how often you communicate with someone and gives them an emoji based on that interaction.

selection of custom snapchat emojis in app

The most popular Snapchat emojis are Pink Heart, Red Heart, Yellow Heart, Grimace Face, Sunglasses Face, and Fire Emoji.

snapchat friend emoji meanings in app

Snapchat emoji meanings 2023

Here’s what the emoji mean on Snapchat.

Baby emoji 👶

The baby emoji is Snapchat’s way of indicating that you and this person are new Snapchat friends. You will see the baby emoji next to someone’s name when you first become Snapchat friends with them.

Once you have been Snapchat friends with someone for a while, the baby emoji will disappear and be replaced by one of Snapchat’s other friendship emojis.

Gold star emoji 🌟

Gold star emojis are shown next to Snapchat friends’ names when they have replayed your snaps in the past 24 hours.

Seeing a gold star emoji next to a friend’s name means that they found your snap interesting. Depending on your relationship, seeing a gold star can be a good reason to spark a conversation.

Yellow heart emoji 💛

The yellow heart emoji means that you and this Snapchat user are best friends. This is the person you exchange the most snaps with (and probably share your deepest secrets too). If you see a yellow heart next to someone’s name, you are officially #besties.

Red heart emoji ❤️

Read hearts emojis indicate that you’ve been best friends with another user for two consecutive weeks. Snapchat considers a “best friend” to be someone with whom you’ve exchanged the most snaps. Seeing a red heart next to someone’s name means your Snapchat relationship is strong!

Pink hearts emoji 💕

If you manage to keep your friendship streak going for two months or more, Snapchat rewards you with the Super BFF emoji. You’ll see two pink hearts next to your friend’s name. This is the ultimate stamp of approval for your Snapchat friendship.

Birthday cake emoji 🎂

The birthday emoji appears next to your friend’s name on their birthday. Snapchat will also send you a notification on the day so that you can wish them a happy birthday.

Smiling face emoji 😊

The smiling face emoji on Snapchat means that you and this person send a lot of snaps to each other. It’s Snapchat’s way of saying that you’re close friends.

Face with sunglasses emoji 😎

If you have mutual best friends with another user, you will see the sunglasses emoji next to their name. Work colleagues, schoolmates, or friends with common interests often see this emoji.

Grimacing face emoji 😬

Similar to the sunglasses emoji, the emoji is shown next to the name of someone you share a best friend with. The only difference is that this emoji is used when your top best friend is also their best friend. Oooh… do we sense a little friendly competition?

Smirking face emoji 😏

The smirk emoji used to be Snapchat’s way of saying, “I’m your best friend, but you’re not mine.” Ouch. Snapchat has since removed this emoji to prevent any hard feelings (or broken friendships) from happening.

Fire emoji 🔥

You’ll see the fire emoji next to their name if you’re engaged in a Snapstreak with another user. You’ll only see this emoji if your Snapstreak lasts at least three days.

One hundred emoji 💯

If you maintain a Snapstreak for one hundred consecutive days, you’ll see the one hundred emoji instead of the fire icon on the 100th day. Congratulations! You must really, really like Snapchat.

Hourglass emoji ⌛

If you’re wondering why it appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, it means that your Snapstreak is about to end. A Snapstreak is the number of consecutive days you have Snapchatting with each other. If you want to keep your Snapstreak going, you must Snapchat each other at least once daily.

Pushpin 📌

The pushpin emoji is next to conversations you’ve pinned to the top of your feed. You can pin individual users or group conversations. Use this emoji to keep track of your most important conversations.

Snapchat emoji meanings chart

Snapchat EmojiIconMeaning
Baby👶Shown next to brand-new Snapchat friends.
Gold star🌟Shows someone has replayed your Snap in the last 24 hours.
Yellow heart💛Shown when you are top best friends with another user.
Red heart❤️Shown when you have been best friends with a user for 2 weeks in a row.
Pink hearts💕Shown when you have been best friends with a user for 2 months in a row.
Birthday cake🎂Shown next to a friend’s name on their birthday.
Smiling face😊Shown next to a user when you are one of their top best friends.
Face with sunglasses😎Shown when a contact is also the best friend of your best friend.
Grimacing face😬Shown when two users are each other’s top best friends.
Smirking face😏Indicates someone is your best friend, but you are not theirs.
Fire🔥Shows Snapstreak of at least three days.
One hundred💯Indicates Snapstreak of 100 consecutive days.
HourglassSignifies a Snapstreak is about to end.
Pushpin📌Indicates a conversation has been pinned to the top of your feed.

Zodiac emoji meanings on Snapchat

fans of astrology, rejoice! By looking at the zodiac emoji next to your Snapchat friends’ names. In case you aren’t familiar, here’s a brief explanation of each zodiac sign.

♒ Aquarius: Born January 20 – February 18

♓ Pisces: Born February 19 – March 20

Aries: Born March 21 – April 19

♉ Taurus: Born April 20 – May 20

♊ Gemini: Born May 21 – June 20

♋ Cancer: Born June 21 – July 22

♌ Leo: Born July 23 – August 22

♍ Virgo: Born August 23 – September 22

♎ Libra: Born September 23 – October 22

♏ Scorpio: Born October 23 – November 21

♐ Sagittarius: Born November 22 – December 21

♑ Capricorn: Born December 22 – January 19

Snapchat even offers a custom astrological profile for users. Go to your Snapchat profile and click the astrology icon below your name to find yours.

Then, enter information about the day you were born to generate your profile. From there, you’ll be able to see your sun, moon, and planetary readings all within the Snapchat app!


In conclusion, understanding the meaning behind Snapchat emojis adds a new layer of communication and expression to your chats. These small, colorful symbols can convey emotions, activities, and relationships, enhancing the overall messaging experience. By decoding the emoji language of Snapchat, you can engage with friends and followers more nuancedly, adding fun and personalization to your interactions. So, dive into the world of Snapchat emojis and unlock a world of visual storytelling beyond words. Use emojis to elevate your Snapchat conversations and make them more vibrant and engaging. Happy snapping!


What do the eyes emoji mean on Snapchat? 

The eyes emoji on Snapchat indicates that people are rewatching your Snaps. The eyes only show up when one or more people have rewatched your Snap. If you see these guys 👀, chances are you have a fan base.

How long does it take to get the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat? 

The yellow heart emoji on Snapchat is given to users who are each other’s number one best Snapchat friends. If you and another Snapchat user send the most Snapchat messages to each other, you’ll get this emoji. After two weeks, the yellow heart will turn to a red heart to indicate that you’re still each other’s number one Snapchat friend.

Can you customize your friend emojis?

Yes, you can customize your Snapchat friend emojis to be any emoji you want.

Customizing Snapchat emojis on an Android phone:

  • Open the Snapchat app and click on your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down and click Customize Emojis.
  • Choose the emoji you want to edit, and you’re all set.

Customizing Snapchat emojis on an iPhone:

  • Open the Snapchat app and click on your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down to Additional Services and choose Manage.
  • Click Friend Emojis.
  • Choose a category to edit
  • Then, choose the emoji you want to represent this category.
  • Click the back arrow, and your changes will be saved.