What is Snapchat Bots: How to Stop Them

August 25, 2023


Snapchat stands out in the world of social media for its unique style. This app lets you send pictures and videos that disappear, has cool filters, and interesting stories. But just like any other online place, Snapchat also has a problem with fake accounts, known as bots, sending random friend requests.

Have you ever gotten friend requests from people you don’t know on Snapchat? Wonder if they’re real friends or just fake accounts? We’ll take a closer look at this issue, understand what’s going on, and most importantly, share easy ways to solve this problem.

Why Do Snapchat Bots Keep Sending Friend Requests?

Snapchat bots tend to send friend requests randomly. They might have come across your username or phone number online, which is how they found you. To prevent bots from adding you, enhance your account’s privacy settings and avoid sharing your Snapchat details online.

These bots send messages with the intention of scamming users, promoting products, or boosting engagement. If a Snapchat bot adds you, they’re probably aiming to scam you or gather information.

It’s crucial not to engage with bots. Instead, safeguard yourself by blocking them to minimize risks.

Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You: 3 Effective Methods

Dealing with bots can be not just bothersome but also risky. Here are three strategies to halt bots from adding you:

Adjust Your Security Settings:

  • Open the Snapchat app and access Settings.
Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You
  • Changing your security settings is a powerful way to fend off Snap bots. It’s a straightforward process.
  • Tap the gear icon on the right-hand side of the screen to access settings.
  • Choose “Privacy Controls.”
Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You
  • Scroll down until you find the “Privacy Controls” section.
  • Tap “Contact Me” and then select “Friends.”
Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You
  • Confirm your choice by pressing “Okay.”
  • This step will significantly reduce bot-generated adds and messages.

Alter Your Username:

  • Open Snapchat Settings.
Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You
  • If you’re constantly receiving random bot friend requests, changing your username can swiftly eliminate them, as they won’t recognize your new username.
  • Navigate to settings within the app.
  • Select “Username.”
Preventing Snapchat Bots from Adding You
  • Tap on “username” to open a new page, then click “Change Username.”
  • Acknowledge the message stating that you can change your Snapchat username only once a year by pressing “Okay.”
  • Choose a fresh username and confirm by pressing “Next.” With your new username, most bots won’t be able to add you anymore.

Block Suspected Bots:

  • Locate the profile of the suspected bot.
  • Instead of interacting with them, avoid sending photos, contact details, or messages. Simply block them by holding down their profile name.
  • Click “Manage Friendship.”
  • Select “Manage Friendship” to open a small menu with options like report, block, remove friend, and edit name.
  • Opt for “Block.”
  • Proceed to block them and repeat the process for any other bots on your page. Blocking them will prevent them from sending you messages.

Unraveling the Root Causes 

In essence, the reason behind Snapchat bots’ actions boils down to their programming. However, let’s take a moment to delve deeper and comprehend the nature of these bots and their presence on Snapchat.

Snap bots are automated accounts meticulously designed to mimic human actions. Their purpose revolves around executing repetitive tasks, such as sending friend requests and messages at an efficiency and scale unattainable by humans. Their core objective? To entice unsuspecting users into interacting with their content.

Now, let’s explore the motives that drive individuals to create these bots:

  • Content or Product Promotion: Certain bots are orchestrated to disseminate specific content or products to the widest audience possible.
  • Phishing Endeavors: Some bots set their sights on tricking users into divulging sensitive information, like passwords or credit card particulars. These phishing campaigns can be remarkably intricate, masquerading as friends, reputable brands, or even Snapchat itself.
  • Follower Count Inflation: For some, it’s a numbers game. A substantial follower count can wield advantages, and bots offer a shortcut to inflate these numbers swiftly.

In grasping these motivations, we gain insight into the multifaceted reasons that propel the existence of bots.

Spotting Snap Bots: A Handy Guide

While detecting a bot might appear challenging, there are distinct indicators that can help you discern their presence:

  • Generic Usernames: Bots frequently employ generic or nonsensical usernames that lack personalization.
  • Absent Snap Score: The Snap Score, denoting the tally of sent and received snaps, can be a key clue. A conspicuously low or non-existent Snap Score might point to a bot.
  • Generic or No Profile Picture: Bots often opt for generic profile pictures or none at all, reflecting their lack of genuine identity.
  • Unusual Messages: Receiving random, baffling, or promotional messages from an unfamiliar account is a potential red flag for bot activity.

Unveiling the Concept of a Snapchat Bot

A Snapchat bot is an automated program crafted with the purpose of dispatching messages, ads, or links to users on the Snapchat platform. These bots serve varying objectives, but their primary aim often revolves around generating income for their creators.

Typically, these bots manifest as unfamiliar senders who initiate contact with you and prompt you to perform specific actions. This distinct behavior can be a reliable indicator that the account is, indeed, a bot rather than a genuine individual.

Recognizing a Bot Account: Key Indicators

With the right insights, spotting a bot account becomes relatively straightforward. Here are five telltale signs that an account on Snapchat is, indeed, a bot:

  • Low Snapchat Score:
    • Take a glance at the Snap Score of an unfamiliar account that adds you. Bots typically possess very low scores or no score at all.
  • Immediate Messaging:
    • Bots usually initiate contact by sending you a message right after adding you. Their intention is to grab your attention and prompt interaction, often involving links, photos, or engagement.
  • Quick Add or Phone Number Addition:
    • Bots are restricted to adding accounts through a phone number or the quick add feature. Legitimate users and friends often rely on the Search feature, Snapcode, or Quick Add.
  • Lack of Mutual Friends:
    • Upon inspecting a bot’s profile, you’ll likely notice the absence of mutual friends listed under the bot’s username.
  • Unusual or Linked Messages:
    • The messages dispatched by these accounts often stand out due to their oddness, irrelevance, or inclusion of links. Bots frequently encourage recipients to click on these links.

Can Snapchat Bots Pose a Hacking Threat?

In short, no, the act of adding a Snapchat bot won’t lead to hacking vulnerabilities. If you unintentionally add a Snapchat bot, the consequences are generally limited. The bot will execute its predetermined functions, typically involving sending messages or engaging with your content.

However, it’s essential to note that while bots themselves don’t directly hack your account, they often serve as conduits for scams, fraudulent activities, and malicious endeavors. While these bots can be bothersome, if you refrain from interacting with them and avoid clicking any links they send, your risk remains minimal.

To ensure your safety, it’s advisable to promptly block bots before they can potentially access your personal information or engage in any harmful actions.

Adding Snap Bots: No Impact on Snap Score

Adding bots will not have any effect on your Snap Score. Your Snap Score increases through interactions with real people, and interacting with bots is discouraged due to the potential risks of scams and privacy breaches.

Having bots as friends will not contribute to enhancing your Snap Score or improving your profile. If you’re looking to elevate your Snap Score, the most effective approach is to exchange snaps with your actual friends. Engaging in sending and receiving snaps, as well as sharing stories, is key. Expanding your friend list allows for more snap exchanges, but remember that unopened snaps won’t contribute to your Snap Score. Therefore, aim to connect with friends who actively open and respond to your snaps.

Increasing Bot Interactions on Snapchat: Proceed with Caution

It’s important to note that engaging with bots on Snapchat can lead to potential risks such as spam, inappropriate content, scams, or privacy breaches. While some bots might be relatively harmless, exercising caution is paramount. Here are methods that could potentially attract bots to your account, but they are not recommended if you aim to maintain a safe and secure online experience:

  • Adding Bots:
    Adding bots that send you requests or appear in your friend suggestions might raise the chances of more bots adding you. However, this approach can expose you to potential risks associated with interacting with bots.
  • Following Bots:
    Similarly, following bots you come across on the Discover page may increase interactions with bots. However, this practice is discouraged due to the risks involved.
  • Joining Bot-Containing Groups:
    Searching for groups on Snapchat that contain bots and joining them might indeed make it easier for bots to find and add you. However, this approach exposes you to potential bot-related risks.

It’s important to emphasize that while these methods might attract more bot interactions, they can compromise your account’s security and your personal information. If you prioritize a safe and enjoyable Snapchat experience, it’s best to refrain from actively seeking out bot interactions and instead focus on connecting with real friends and genuine users on the platform.