How to Get more Followers on Twitter and Grow your Social Community?

April 4, 2023


Would you like to get more followers on Twitter? Without a doubt, this is one of the most desired wishes by all those who start with their own account on this platform.

And it is that, there is no doubt that this is a fantastic social network for all professionals and companies that decide to undertake on the Internet and create a community around their Brand.

It is precisely that community of users with which, if you get them to interact with you and with the content you share in it, you will be able to attract your potential customers more easily.

Can I apply techniques that make me get more followers on Twitter faster?

This is precisely the central issue that concerns us today: how to get more followers for our Twitter account, whether it is your personal account or the corporate one of your own company.

However, the fact of growing your community by gaining, more or less quickly, “followers” to your account is a highly debated topic, due to the somewhat “dangerous” tendency that some users have to buy followers.

But, as we will see today, this will not be necessary at all, since it will only harm your reputation and, what is worse, it will make you deceive yourself.

In addition, the purchase of followers and weird tricks blur our main objective:

Get more quality followers, from real accounts and with interaction, that allow you to create a community around your Brand, made up of your target audience, that is, people and brands interested in your products or services.

How can I get followers on Twitter in a natural way and without weird tricks?

To put together a good digital marketing strategy or plan, it is essential to have a community that follows your activity on social networks, so that you can make your content go viral as much as possible.

And to promote precisely this, there are many people on the Internet who share certain “tricks” to quickly increase the number of followers.

The problem is that later those followers do not interact with your posts or tweets.

This is precisely why I have decided to make a tutorial on this topic, so that you can learn how to get followers on Twitter in a real way and in a completely natural way, so that later your community shows interest in your publications.

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, since less than a year has passed since I decided to create an account on Twitter and start interacting with it. However, to date I have amassed over 18,000 followers.

The best of this? That if you keep reading, very likely you too can get a great community and as high quality as mine.

But before giving you some tips to gain more followers on this social network, I would like you to know what exactly I mean when I say “quality followers or followers”. This is how I put you in a situation and we clarify concepts.

What are quality followers or followers on Twitter?

A “follower” or quality follower on Twitter is an active person who is following you on this platform. Either because he is your friend and knows you or because he is very interested in the content you publish.

But if we talk about quality, we are not referring to any type of user, but only to those people who really use this network to communicate and who, in addition, may be interested in us or in our business (that is, our target audience). ).

As a curiosity, if you want to know how many followers you have, you need to go to your profile and look in the left menu, under your cover photo.

There also appears the number of users to whom you gave follow (followed). To see who those people who follow you on Twitter are, it’s as simple as clicking on them and a window will open with their profiles.

What are the advantages of getting more followers on Twitter for my Social Media strategy?

As I indicated before, having a community that supports your content is essential, both to position articles and to make your Personal Brand known to the world.

On this platform there are many types of sectors and niches that you can address and therefore be an opinion leader or influencer for the theme that you propose.

In my case, being able to form a community of almost 18,000 followers on Twitter helped me to be able to share my blog content and position it more easily.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you dedicate daily time to connect with people on this social network.

The advantages that they can bring you are the following:

Your content will go further

These will be read by more users and, consequently, they will position better.

Increase your online reputation

When you reach a significant number of followers, people will begin to see you as a benchmark in that sector, making them even more interested in your content.

Easy to make synergies

You can start making synergies with other bloggers or influencers, who bring you collaborations on blogs and, therefore, your domain authority will increase, not to mention that you will win friends in the sector.

Greater possibility of gaining followers on other networks

Having many followers on this platform can be the door to also getting them on other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Companies and individuals will be interested in your Social Media plan and will probably contact you to work and collaborate with them.

Top 10 Techniques and Tips to Get Followers on Twitter

To get followers on Twitter relatively quickly, it is important to know some practices that Influencers use in their day to day.

For this reason, in the following points, I detail all the tactics that I have used and that have been effective for me, to gain some 18,000 followers in just 6 months.

As a motivating element, I show you José Facchin’s Twitter, which I paid close attention to to inspire me in my strategy.

1. Take care of your profile and use quality Hashtags

It is important that your profile is different from the rest or, in other words, that people keep your logo or brand image easily and quickly.

If you can impress people at first glance, you have a better chance of them following you.

It is likely that the first time he does not follow you, but if he continues to see your image in the tweets of the sector, sooner or later, if you share quality content, he will end up “succumbing” to the quality of your content.

This is as important when it comes to getting followers on Twitter, as the SWOT Analysis matrix is ​​for a company. I mean, crucial.

2. Publish industry content

It is important that if you want to be an influencer in a certain sector, you publish much more content from that sector and not so much from others.

For example, imagine that you want to be a digital marketing leader: you should mainly share posts about marketing, not content about fashion, since many people in the fashion industry may not be interested in marketing that much (or vice versa).

Although, beware, not everything is black or white. If your strategy is to stand out as a marketing professional in a certain sector, merging the themes of those two sectors will be a very good idea.

For example, according to what José told me, when he started his blog and social networks, he did it by talking about Tourism Marketing… but addressing both marketers and businessmen in the hotel sector.

In short, thanks to his many years of experience in the tourism sector, and the need for information on digital strategies that this professional environment needs, he managed to stand out very quickly by providing practical solutions for both niches at the same time.

For this reason, you must first design your strategy and take care of the type of content marketing that you generate in it to, later, carry out a more effective social promotion.

3. Tweet manually, don’t always automate

It is crucial that your followers know that behind the screen there is a person, not a robot. Many people use bots to post automatically.

What’s wrong with that? That people would not interact with you in the long run, since they know that you would not answer them and attend to their queries or doubts.

4. Never buy followers

This, despite being a technique that I do not recommend at all, the truth is that it is a widespread practice by people and, above all, by famous people (including politicians).

It is not recommended to do so, since although you would gain many followers in a short period of time, they would not interact with you (or likes, comments, or RT).

Therefore, they would not help you to gain engagement on this platform.

Today it is more important to have 1,000 very loyal followers than 100,000 Zombie or fake followers.

5. Lean on synergy with other users

To go far, it is important that you rely on other people in your sector, who have the same followers as you, or a few more. In this way, you will reach their followers and they will reach yours, with which you will be creating a professional link.

It is one of the best techniques to get followers on Twitter quickly, because if your content is good, surely the followers of those users who support you will be interested in your presence on that social network, making them want to follow you to be more up to date with the content you share.

6. Be real and believable

Don’t make things up. Try to be humble and realistic with the knowledge you have.

If you are starting out in the sector, put that you are passionate, “dummy” or apprentice.

Don’t try to sell yourself as an “expert” or “professional of…” as people won’t believe you and you risk making enemies in that niche for lying.

However, if you think you are qualified to talk about a topic, don’t let anyone step on you either. There are no “sellers”, but specialists in power. Cheer up!, because if you work hard, you will get where you propose.

7. Look for originality

Try to do something different than what is currently on Twitter. It can be a way of speaking, a way of writing tweets, a cover or a different logo.

I leave that in your hands, in your creativity. But the truth is that when you do something original and different from what people do, you generate much more engagement and get followers on Twitter more quickly.

8. Unfollow people who don’t follow you back

The people who never follow you or interact with you are the ones who, almost by definition, are not interested in you.

Therefore, if they are not interested in you, why should you be interested in their profile?

On this platform you have to be collaborative, but if a person decides not to follow you or stop following you, then you give them “unfollow” and life goes on.

There are many people in each sector and it is impossible to like everyone. You have to accept it, stop following it and continue with your Social strategy.

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9. Post your own tweet on your profile

It is important that other users see your own content quickly. And this is achieved by setting a tweet on your timeline, where you show your work.

If you are a blogger, your last post; if you are a cook, a recipe; and if you are a model, a photo of you posing. Similarly, if you are an aeroplane pilot, it would be ideal if you shared news related to the travel company you work for.

But let it be clear that, with just a glance, they know what you do and what you can contribute to them.

This in addition to allowing you to gain followers on Twitter relatively quickly, as it will help you sell your services to third parties.

10. Be generous and RT the professionals in your sector

If you want people to share your content, the first thing you have to do is share theirs. Choose those professionals that you like for their way of working and share their content.

This is complementary to tip number 5 above. It is one of the ways in which you can create synergies with other people in the sector.

If you comply with both this and all the previous tips, it is very likely that in less than 1 year you will have a large number of followers on Twitter.

First of all, set yourself short and medium term goals. Try to fulfil it to reach the final goal. Come on, you can do it, you just have to invest time and desire.

What are the 6 best tools to get followers on Twitter?

On the Internet we can find tools that will make your life easier when putting into practice these tips that you have just seen, and that hopefully you integrate into your social media plan.

With the techniques that I mentioned before and these tools, there will be no stopping you, so getting followers on Twitter is going to be somewhat less complicated.


It is a tool with a free and paid version, although I recommend the paid one, due to the many possibilities it offers.

For some time now, it has become very relevant, due to the multiple tools and functionalities it has to monitor and segment the followers of your different social networks