How to Download TikTok Videos? 2 Ways, 6 Apps to Do it.

April 13, 2023


Surely in some period of use of TikTok you have wanted to download Tiktok videos. Here we will tell you how to do magic … take pencil and paper!

TikTok is here to stay! 

The social media of the future as some call it has generated a true and exponential revolution in social networks. Just when we thought it was almost impossible for a new social platform to appear and have as much impact as the ones already known, tiktok is revealed . 

In the year 2016 TikTok arrived stomping and, since then, it has not stopped growing in more than 150 countries; breaking the download record in 2019 above apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.


You can get an ā€œeasier lifeā€ when you use TikTok

But, what does this social network have to generate such a high impact ? 

In addition to the investment it has received to continue expanding, TikTok was born with the aim of innovating in the creation of content through short videos (60 seconds to be exact). 

With different resources such as filters, stickers, a gigantic music library, among other tools, you can achieve an “easier life” when you use TikTok, because without being an expert in video editing you achieve incredible impact results. 

But that’s just the beginning. The platform was not left with a single moment, it continues to provide continuous value updates with which it seeks to be more active and obtain greater consumption. In addition to having users who have become influencers thanks to the exponential creation of videos.

Watermarked videos on TikTok: what to do?

And speaking of videos, we come to the central point of this blog, because surely during some period of use of this app you have wanted to download a certain video. For various interests, for interesting content, for originality, or simply for wanting to share it in a group of interest. 

Here we will tell you how to do it. Although, did you know that you can download videos without a watermark? 

So, if you work in the marketing of your company, you are the community manager, the content creator or another position related to the medium, I invite you to take a seat, pencil and paper for a few minutes of a lot of learning, because surely this Blog will help you. it can be very useful. 

Let’s keep going!

Way A: video download. 

Let’s start by answering the big question of this blog: how to download TikTok videos. Currently, there are different pages and applications that allow you to carry out this task in just seconds, and the best thing is that you do not have to pay for it, then we are going to discover some of them for the common question “what is the page to download TikTok videos?


There are several pages that can help you with this, the only thing you should anticipate is that, if possible, they are secure, agile pages that make the process easier for you. One of those is SSSTIK , which offers you unlimited downloads , without watermark and available in various formats. 

How to do it? Follow this step by step that we consider for you: 

Steps to download a TikTok video on SSSTIK by RD Station

This is how you would download TikTok videos on SSSTIK 

Another website available for this process is , which has a similar process as above. But keep in mind that in this you do not need to install any special program to carry it out. 

It is enough to enter the website, carry out this step by step and voila! You can go and check the downloads on your computer:

This is how you would download TikTok videos on 

Download the video on Android or iOS:

And if you wonder: how to download TikTok videos that cannot be downloaded on Android? From your mobile device it is possible. Whether Android or iOS (via iPhone or iPad), there are several options. 

The first is the easiest option:

1. Open the app on your mobile device or tablet and find the video you want to download.

2. Go to the share option.

3. In this case, the option to download directly may appear (as you can see in the images).

Use the download option in TikTok when you’re on your iPhone or iPad

4. Download the video. 

Keep in mind that if you access this option, the video will be left with the TikTok watermark.

Videos without watermark on TikTok: how to have them?

Do you want to use the videos you create on TikTok as inputs for other content? You ask yourself:  how to save a tiktok without an iphone watermark , here we also teach you how to achieve it and we will provide you with the applications that are useful for this.

Form B: Use of Videos. 


In this case, you can search for the SSSTik application in the app store or play store depending on your device, and follow the step-by-step mentioned initially (only now it’s in the app): 


The TikSave application is also available , through which you can extract the audio from the videos, did you know this? Try it and tell us about your experience on networks : 

This is how TikSave is used

Download Toks: 

On the official site of you have the steps to download the contents

It is another site that allows you to do it from your mobile device, in this case it is enough to have the url or the link of the site (without downloading any application) and follow the step by step that we present below: 

1. Go to the TikTok video you want to download.

2. Share and copy the link.

3. Enter the bajartiktoks site and paste the url in the download bar.

4. Select the ā€œno watermarkā€ option.

5. Go to the downloads of your device, in the case of iPhones, the video may remain in the file folder, depending on the configuration of your equipment.

TikTok videos via Telegram

This may be something new and surprising for you, because the Telegram application , apart from working as a social network similar to WhatsApp, has a bot system that allows you to perform different functions, in this case we are going to see how to download a video from TikTok: 

1. Download the Telegram application on your cell phone.

2. While this is happening, go to TikTok and grab the link in the share option.

3. Once you have the first two steps, open Telegram and go to the initial menu bar ā€œSearch messages or usersā€. 

4. Type TTSave. 

5. This will take you to a new chat, in which you must click Start.

6. Then type /start

7. Select the preferred language.

8. And that’s it, you just have to paste the video link in the chat and this Bot will send you the video without a watermark.

Follow the previous step by step as we show you in this video: 

The most interesting thing about doing it through Telegram is that you do not need any registration and you will avoid the advertising messages that some websites have, you can also explore it and you will realize that you can access YouTube and Instagram videos, just That this is another topic to talk about.

To Closeā€¦

It should be noted that TikTok has become a strategic ally for networks not only of influencers, but also for companies and/or brands, those that offer products and services focused on TikTok’s target audience , specifically those between 18 and 24 years of age. better known as Generation Z.

That is why we created a template that you can use as a guide to achieve the first steps of your company in TikTok. This guide gives you the first configurations that you must have when creating your first strategy in the social network of the moment. 

Get all the juice out of this social network and boost your strategy!