Which Social Networks To Choose To Communicate Well In B2b?

March 22, 2023


To communicate on social networks in B2B, you must already choose the right platforms. What are the most relevant social networks for your B2B marketing strategy? Let’s see it all together!

Why communicate on social networks in B2B?

Communicating on social networks, the question no longer arises in B2C. In B2B, the interest of communicating on social networks is not always obvious.

However, the benefits of social networks for your B2B company are not lacking. Social networks allow you to:

  • Gain visibility
  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Generate leads
  • Promote a new product
  • Build customer loyalty

Warning: to take full advantage of it, it is essential to choose your social networks carefully.

Do not have your eyes bigger than your stomach: creating an account on social networks is simple, communicating well requires regularity and patience.

I too often meet B2B companies that create accounts on all social networks thinking that they will mathematically generate new customers.

The problem is that they realize after a few weeks that they don’t have the time to effectively manage all their social networks.

The key to communicating well on social networks in B2B: favor quality over quantity.

Which social networks to choose in B2B? The unavoidable

linkedin social network indispensable in B2B

LinkedIn, the leading professional social network

LinkedIn is the market leading professional social network. Any B2B company must have a company page on LinkedIn and encourage its employees to create an account there.

LinkedIn is an essential social network for prospecting well on the Internet : LinkedIn makes it possible to identify qualified prospects and to enter into effective contact with them.

For this, we have written a file about prospecting on LinkedIn which will be very useful to you.

▸ 3 reasons to use LinkedIn in B2B:

1. LinkedIn is the essential social network for doing Social Selling: 65% of B2B companies have already won customers on LinkedIn and 80% of the leads generated from social networks come from LinkedIn .

2. LinkedIn is a social network used by the B2B decision maker to think about buying: 40% of B2B buyers get information on LinkedIn for their purchases.

3. LinkedIn is the ideal social network to take care of your employer brand and modernize your recruitment strategy.

which social networks in B2B - twitter

Twitter, the popular social network for monitoring

Twitter is a social network very popular with B2B decision-makers as part of their monitoring. Twitter is indeed a social network designed to share information in real time.

Communicating on Twitter in B2B will not only allow you to share the content you create on your website, to relay your news but also naturally to carry out your market watch in real time.

To communicate well on Twitter in B2B, I have published here the 12 best practices to follow.

▸ 3 reasons to use Twitter in B2B:

1. Twitter is the social network most used by B2B marketers to share content: 85% of them use it.

2. Twitter is an effective lever for 50% of B2B marketers.

3. Twitter is a B2B social network if your company operates in a technological or innovative market: 53% of companies that use Twitter are in this market.

which social networks in B2B: facebook the leader

Facebook, the social network that needs no introduction

Facebook is the leading social network on the market. Facebook is more than 2 billion active users. More than 1 out of 2 French people is present on Facebook.

The question of the relevance of communicating on Facebook in B2B may arise: after all, Facebook is a social network for personal use.

It’s true.

However, your customers are on Facebook and not using it in your communication strategy on social networks is leaving the opportunity to reach them to your competitors.

▸ 3 reasons to use Facebook in B2B:

1. Facebook allows you to reach your market very widely while establishing a close relationship with your prospects and customers.

2.  Facebook Ads allows you to run ultra-targeted advertising campaigns. According to Forbes, 6 million businesses use Facebook Ads.

3. Facebook allows you to share your content in all formats: image, text, video, article, live…

Be careful, however: to communicate well on Facebook in B2B, it is important to respect the expectations of the buyer and the context in which he uses this social network.

The B2B decision-maker goes to Facebook for entertainment, to consult lighter content than on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This is to be taken into account in your social media communication strategy.

Which social networks to choose in B2B? The challengers

The 3 social networks presented above are the social networks that we use most often with our customers. These are also the social networks that we favor for our agency.

However, we like the idea that communicating well on social networks in B2B is above all a question of imagination and creativity .

Finally, all social networks can allow you to generate leads and win customers in B2B. You just have to use them wisely.

Thus, YouTube can be a relevant social network in B2B if you want to communicate by video.

Snapchat and Instagram will be essential if your marketing persona is rather young.

Test, experiment, analyze and optimize: this is the key to success!

Integrate social networks into a global marketing strategy

I want to warn you on one point.

We are regularly contacted by B2B companies who only want to communicate on social networks.

To communicate on social networks in B2B, it is essential to integrate them into a global marketing strategy.

Without it, you will not be able to generate a return on investment.