What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform that has gained immense popularity for its user-friendly interface and extensive library of templates. Launched in 2013, it's designed to make graphic design accessible to everyone, regardless of their design experience

Key Features of Canva

Here are the powerful features that make Canva stand out from the competition. Packed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software offers a range of benefits.

  • Background Remover
  • Premium Content
  • Instant animation
  • Schedule social
  • Templates
  • Transparent images
  • Resize designs
  • Stay on brand
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Edit your existing files
  • Professional Styles
  • Print your designs
  • Stunning Charts
  • Share in a click

Canva Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for Canva. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and budget.

Canva Free

$ 0

Upto 100 Employees

Canva Pro

$ 120

Upto 100 Employees

Canva Specifications

Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for Canva. Find out if it's compatible with your operating system and other software.

Software Tagline :
free-to-use online graphic design tool
Deployment :
  • cloud based
Subscription Plan :
Desktop Platforms :
  • web app
  • windows
  • macos
Mobile Platforms :
  • ios
  • android
  • macos
Language Support :
Target Audience :
  • freelancers
  • startups
  • smes
  • agencies
  • enterprises
Available Support :
  • email
  • phone
  • live support
Integrations :
Product Url :
API Available :
Free Trial Available :
Run On Mobile Browser :
Free Plan Available :
Customization Available :

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Overall Canva Reviews

Here's our unbiased review of Canva. Discover how our team of experts rates its features, ease of use, customer support, and other aspects that contribute to its overall appeal.


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Canva Pros and Cons

Canva FAQs

No, Canva still offers a free version. While they’ve expanded their premium offerings with Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise, they maintain a robust free tier that includes thousands of templates, a large library of free images and graphics, and basic design tools.

There’s no official way to unlock Canva Pro for free indefinitely. However, Canva offers a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro. Additionally, they provide free Pro accounts to eligible nonprofits, educators, and students. But be wary of any third-party offers claiming to provide free Pro access, as these are likely scams.

No, Canva is not a Chinese company. It was founded in Australia by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and has offices in several countries, including the U.S., China, and Europe.

The main downside of free Canva is the limitation on design assets and features. Compared to Pro users, free users have access to a smaller library of templates, images, and elements. Additionally, you can’t remove image backgrounds, resize designs without cropping, or access premium fonts. Free designs also display the Canva watermark when downloaded, which can look unprofessional.

  1. Templates: Pro offers 610,000+ templates vs 250,000+ in free.
  2. Stock Assets: 100+ million vs 1+ million in free.
  3. Brand Kit: Pro allows you to save brand colors, logos, and fonts; free doesn’t.
  4. Background Remover: Available in Pro, not in free.
  5. Resize Tool: Pro lets you resize designs without cropping.
  6. Magic Resize: Pro can auto-resize for different platforms.
  7. Premium Fonts: More font options in Pro.
  8. Folders: Pro offers better organization with folders.
  9. Watermark: No watermark in Pro; free has Canva watermark.
  10. Support: Priority support in Pro.
  11. Social Media Scheduler: Available in Pro.
  12. Team Functions: Collaborate better with Pro.

Pro is better for businesses, professionals, and frequent users who need more assets, branding tools, and efficient workflows.