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Load board software, also known as freight matching software, connects shippers needing to transport goods with freight carriers capable of moving those loads across the country. These solutions use data-driven algorithms to suggest the most suitable carriers based on factors like distance, market rates, carrier performance history, location, and freight dimensions. By integrating with transportation management systems (TMS), load board software can also assist in booking freight to execute the planned transport.

Key features include:

  1. Matching shippers’ loads with appropriate freight carriers
  2. Data-driven carrier suggestions based on multiple criteria
  3. Integration with TMS for freight booking and transport execution
  4. Route optimization using machine learning, considering fuel prices, taxes, and carrier capacity
  5. Tracking carrier performance for shippers to make informed rebooking decisions
  6. Market rate information for carriers to negotiate better deals

Load board software benefits shippers by providing insights into carrier performance, enabling them to rebook with carriers that have proven reliable and cost-effective. Tracking and visibility features, either native or through integrations, help ensure smooth transits. For carriers, the software provides credit reports and regional trucking rates, aiding in rate negotiations with brokers and shippers.

To qualify for the Load Board category, a product must:

  • Provide a private load board for carriers to post available freight and shippers/brokers to book loads
  • Utilize predictive analytics to recommend optimal matches between carriers and shippers.
  • Provide load tracking and visibility natively or through integrations with supply chain visibility software
  • Measure carrier performance to allow shippers to re-book with high-performing drivers
  • Optimize routes to lower gas expenses, consider fuel stops, and minimize empty miles.

The primary value proposition is enabling more efficient, data-driven freight matching and transportation management, reducing costs and delays for shippers while helping carriers optimize routes and negotiate better rates.


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FAQs of Load Board Software

The software operates as an interactive digital marketplace for freight transportation, playing a crucial role for freight brokers, truck owners, shippers, and logistics managers. It provides a real-time posting system, supported by a mobile application for convenient access on the go, allowing users to effortlessly post…

In 2024, load boards have advanced to provide enhanced features, reliability, and efficiency. Whether you’re a trucker, a freight broker, or a small fleet owner seeking optimal operation strategies, some of the top load boards include DAT, DirectFreight, 123Loadboard, and C.H.

Overall, DAT is the primary load board I turn to. The pros include its quick and user-friendly Rate Lookup feature, followed by the Search Loads and Search Trucks options, which streamline the process of sending loads to carriers or posting a load. However, it would be beneficial to have the option to save searches when using the Quick Rate Lookup.

Load board software, also referred to as freight matching software, is utilized by carriers, brokers, and shippers to pair loads from shippers with freight carriers for transportation across the country.

While load boards can offer short-term benefits, they are not ideal for long-term strategies. One reason is their limited profitability. Securing direct contracts allows you to maintain control and retain all revenue, making it a preferable option in the long run.