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A learning management system (LMS) is a platform designed to help instructors deliver and manage educational coursework online. These systems provide a centralized platform for making course materials, assignments, and assessments accessible to students, enabling a more connected and accessible learning experience.

Key features include:

  1. Online delivery of course content like syllabi, lectures, multimedia resources, and readings
  2. Distribution and grading of assignments submitted by students
  3. Administration of digital assessments such as quizzes and tests
  4. Communication tools for instructors to interact with students (messages, notifications, forums)
  5. Grading functionality and individualized feedback on student work
  6. Performance tracking and reporting dashboards for monitoring student progress
  7. Gradebook capabilities or integration with third-party gradebook systems

While LMSs share some similarities with corporate learning management software, education-focused LMSs typically include features tailored for traditional classroom environments, such as grading tools, individualized feedback mechanisms, and integration with student information systems (SIS) for streamlined data management.

To qualify for the Learning Management System (LMS) category, a product must:

  • Offer a venue for educators to present online course material to students
  • Assign tasks to students and enable instructors to evaluate their work
  • Conduct digital evaluations for students
  • Offer personalized feedback on student assignments, including written remarks or grading criteria
  • Create progress dashboards to monitor student advancement
  • Include gradebook features or connect with external gradebook platforms

The primary value proposition of an LMS is to enable educational institutions to streamline the delivery of online learning, fostering a more connected and accessible educational experience for students while providing instructors with tools to efficiently manage coursework, assessments, and student progress.


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FAQs of Learning Management Software

A learning management system (LMS) is software designed for eLearning that enables the creation, administration, delivery, and assessment of training courses and learning and development (L&D) programs. These programs are conducted online but can also be accessed offline from mobile devices with downloaded content.

Blackboard is the most widely used LMS software. While it is commonly used by higher education institutions, its application is not limited to the education industry.

Blackboard Learn is an LMS software that provides a complete platform for managing, delivering, and assessing online courses.

The distinction between a virtual classroom and an LMS is important to understand. In simple terms, Google Classroom falls under the category of an LMS, or learning management system. If you’re questioning this difference, you likely need some clarification on the distinction between a virtual classroom and an LMS.

You can utilize LMS365, an AI-powered learning platform integrated into Microsoft 365 and Teams, to establish such a system.