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Landing page builders are tools that allow non-technical users to create web pages designed to drive visitors towards a specific conversion goal, such as signing up for a newsletter, requesting a free trial, or registering for a service. These builders make it easy for non-developers to test page prototypes and analyze the impact and reaction of potential customers and website visitors. Landing page builders play a key role in an organization’s marketing strategies, enabling marketers to create, modify, and publish web experiences without relying on IT or developers.

Key features include:

  1. Creation and deployment of landing pages for specific conversion goals
  2. User-friendly interface for non-technical users
  3. Pre-designed templates and forms for landing pages
  4. Integration with web content management systems
  5. Integration with digital analytics solutions to track visitor behavior
  6. Support for A/B testing and conversion rate optimization

Landing page builders are designed to integrate directly into an organization’s existing web development infrastructure, web content management systems, and digital analytics solutions, creating a seamless web experience while tracking visitor behavior on landing pages.

To qualify for the Landing Page Builders category, a product must:

  • Directly integrate with an existing website
  • Provide pre-designed templates and forms
  • Enable front-end customization of templates and landing page builders for smooth website and web page integration.
  • Integrate with existing analytics, conversion rate optimization, email, or marketing platforms

The primary value proposition of landing page builders is to empower non-technical users, especially marketers, to create and optimize high-converting web pages without relying on developers, while seamlessly integrating with existing web infrastructure and analytics tools.


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FAQs of Landing Page Software

A software landing page acts as a specialized marketing tool that highlights the key features and benefits of a software product to convince potential customers.

Here are some best landing page builders:

  1. Unbounce: The best overall landing page software.
  2. LeadPages: The most budget-friendly, all-purpose landing page software.
  3. Instapage: The easiest landing page software to use.
  4. Shogun: The best overall landing page software for eCommerce.
  5. ClickFunnels: The top landing page builder for sales funnels.

Here are our top 8 favorite landing page builders for creating pages on a small budget:

  1. ConvertKit
  2. Carrd
  3. Ucraft
  4. Site123
  5. Landbot
  6. Umso
  7. Google Sites
  8. ConvertFlow

Google Sites provides a range of templates for creating new landing pages. Let’s look at the template options and how to choose the best one for your needs:

Advantages of templates: They offer a starting framework and essential page elements.

Avoid excessive rambling on your landing page. The goal is to attract potential customers and convert them into actual customers. Keep your messaging clear and concise. Focus on communicating the main points effectively without overwhelming visitors with unnecessary information.