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Jobsite management software, also known as field collaboration software, acts as a bridge between the back office and the jobsite, optimizing collaboration, communication, and risk reduction.

Key features include:

  1. Integration with construction project management software for seamless information flow
  2. Time and resource tracking capabilities for field crews
  3. Communication and coordination tools for jobsite workers
  4. Mobile accessibility for on-site usage
  5. Visibility into physical materials and resources
  6. Integration with construction risk & safety software (in some solutions)

To qualify as a construction jobsite management solution, a product must:

  • Facilitate improved workflow and communication between the back office and jobsite
  • Provide tools for field crew communication and coordination
  • Enable field workers to track hours, communicate with team members, and maintain resource visibility
  • Integrate with construction project management and document management solutions
  • Offer mobile accessibility for on-site usage

The primary value proposition of construction jobsite management software is to streamline collaboration and communication between the back office and the jobsite, ensuring projects are completed on time, minimizing errors and blockers, and establishing a single source of truth per project. Additionally, these solutions enable efficient time and resource tracking, supplier-contractor communication, and oversight of physical materials, while potentially offering construction risk and safety management functionalities.


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FAQs of Job Site Management Software

Job Site Management involves coordinating and supervising construction projects from beginning to end.

Site Manager by Levantar Solutions is a web application software crafted for construction companies to automate their projects. It is accessible from mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, and provides various levels of user access.

Procore provides a range of tools tailored for construction management, catering to builders and general contractors. These tools include document management, quality and safety features, subcontractor financial management, and field productivity enhancements. Procore is a versatile platform designed to meet the needs of builders and general contractors.

One of the crucial yet sometimes neglected tasks for a construction supervisor is planning the layout of the project site. Various decisions need to be made, such as determining the placement of office trailers, storage locations for onsite materials, and designated areas for equipment when not in use.

Job management, also known as project management, is a structured approach to business operations that covers all activities within the job or work cycle. It involves analyzing the entire process so that your team can enhance their working methods for future projects.