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Job shop software is designed to help small manufacturers and single-owner operations manage production activities without the need for expensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

Key features include:

  1. Sales and purchasing management
  2. Inventory management capabilities
  3. Light manufacturing and assembly functionalities, such as Bills of Materials (BOM)
  4. Work order creation and management based on customer demand
  5. Production cost tracking per operation, work order, team, or customer
  6. Workflow management for assigning tasks and activities to employees or teams

This type of software is particularly beneficial for production and inventory management teams, enabling them to streamline operations and improve efficiency without the complexity and costs associated with full-fledged ERP systems.

To qualify as a job shop software solution, a product must:

  • Provide manufacturing and assembly features, such as Bills of Materials (BOM)
  • Include workflow management capabilities to assign tasks and activities
  • Enable the creation and management of work orders based on customer demand
  • Offer inventory management functionalities for tracking production components
  • Provide tools for tracking production costs per operation, work order, team, or customer

The primary value proposition of job shop software is to offer small manufacturers and single-owner operations a cost-effective alternative to expensive ERP systems, while providing essential functionalities for managing production activities, inventory, work orders, and costs, ultimately streamlining operations and improving efficiency.


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FAQs of Job Shop Software

A Job Shop is a type of manufacturing process capable of handling small orders for made-to-order (MTO) products. In a Job Shop, items are produced in small batches of varying quantities to maximize flexibility.

Examples of companies that would use the job shop manufacturing method include a paint shop, a machine tool shop, a commercial printing shop, a machining center, and other factories that produce customized products in small batches and provide customization services.

JobBOSS offers two pricing plans: Core and Premium. These plans start at $89 per user per month. The system is available as a managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or can be installed locally.

The job shop production process allows customers to customize their orders, creating unique items and involving customers in the process.

A batch process is akin to a job shop, but with activities typically arranged in a linear sequence, offering less flexibility. In a batch process, there are identifiable dominant flows. Although the activities are arranged in line, they are often disconnected from each other.