Best Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) Software

IAST (interactive application security testing) is a method of testing an application’s security while the app is running and being interacted with through automated tests, human testers, or any activity involving the application’s functionality.

Key features include:

  1. Sensor modules integrated into the application code
  2. Real-time monitoring and analysis of application behavior
  3. Detection and alerting of security vulnerabilities
  4. Integration with development environments, CI/CD pipelines, and production systems

The core component of an IAST tool is a set of sensor modules, which are software libraries included in the application code. These sensors track the application’s behavior as interactive tests are executed. If a vulnerability is detected, an alert is sent in real-time.

The IAST sensors have access to:

  • The entire application code
  • Dataflow and control flow information
  • System configuration data
  • Web components
  • Back-end connection data

To qualify as an IAST solution, a product must:

  • Integrate sensor modules into the application code
  • Monitor and analyze application behavior during runtime
  • Detect and report security vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Support integration with development environments, CI/CD pipelines, and production systems

The primary value proposition of IAST is to provide a comprehensive and continuous approach to application security testing by analyzing the application’s behavior during runtime, enabling the identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities throughout the software development life cycle.


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FAQs of Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) Software

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) examines code for security weaknesses while the application is being used. This can happen through automated tests, manual testing by a human, or any other interaction with the app’s functionality.

Here are the top 7 IAST tools, each offering features like real-time code analysis, application behavior monitoring, and instant feedback:

  1. Acunetix IAST with AcuSensor
  2. Checkmarx IAS
  3. Contrast Assess
  4. Fortify on Demand by OpenText
  5. HCL AppScan
  6. Invicti Shark
  7. Synopsys Seeker

IAST solutions enhance applications by installing agents and sensors within running applications. They consistently scrutinize all interactions made by manual or automated tests, or a blend of both, to promptly detect vulnerabilities in real time.

Here’s how it functions: Instrumentation: IAST tools are incorporated into the mobile app’s code during development or added while the app is running. This integration allows the tool to monitor the app’s operation in real time. Dynamic Analysis: IAST combines elements of both static and dynamic analysis.

Penetration testing is usually done by accessing the application externally. This involves testers using the application to simulate user actions and uncover vulnerabilities. On the other hand, IAST tools examine an application’s code from within the application itself, while an external test or human tester interacts with specific features.