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Identity resolution software helps businesses recognize the unique digital identities of individual customers, enabling them to develop highly personalized campaigns for targeted outreach. As consumers navigate across multiple devices, companies aggregate disjointed datasets about their online behavior. Identity resolution solutions reconcile all available data points from first-, second-, and third-party sources to provide businesses with comprehensive customer profiles.

Key features include:

  1. Data Aggregation from Multiple Sources
  2. Identity Graph Creation
  3. Cross-Device Identity Resolution
  4. Unified Customer View

Marketing teams and advertising agencies leverage identity resolution tools to gain an understanding of individual consumer behavior across channels. This insight helps them customize the messaging and experiences delivered to customers through website personalization, targeted ads, email remarketing, and more.

Identity resolution capabilities are sometimes offered as part of other customer data management solutions, such as customer data platforms (CDP), data management platforms (DMP), and customer identity and access management software.

To qualify for the Identity Resolution category, a product must:

  • Create identity graphs using data points collected across devices and channels, such as email addresses, device IDs, cookie data, social media activity, and online purchases.
  • Connect disparate identifiers to provide a 360-degree view of the customer’s digital identity and behavior.
  • Enable businesses to recognize unique customer identities and develop personalized campaigns for targeted outreach.

The core value proposition of identity resolution software is to enable businesses to recognize individual customers across various touchpoints, aggregate their data from multiple sources, and create a unified view of their digital identities and behaviors, facilitating highly personalized marketing and customer experiences.


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FAQs of Identity Resolution Software

Identity resolution software provides a centralized system to manage identities across all your data and applications. This improves the trustworthiness of your information, enhances customer service, boosts operational efficiency, and increases the reliability of data analytics.

Deterministic identity resolution links various customer activities to a single profile using exact data points. For instance, if a customer uses their loyalty rewards number for an in-store purchase and later logs into the website on a desktop, deterministic matching will connect these actions to the same customer profile.

The FICOĀ® Identity Resolution Engine provides banks, insurers, retailers, telecom providers, and government agencies with advanced technology for detecting and investigating financial crimes, enhancing security, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

According to Gartner, identity resolution is the process of identifying individuals across various channels and devices and linking them to information used for marketing and advertising. This involves a range of tools, techniques, and data, such as tagging and tracking users across different platforms.

Cross-domain identity solutions use unique consumer information, such as an email address or phone number, to identify individuals. This information doesn’t have to be an email address but must be unique to each consumer. For these identity solutions to gather this data, they need to integrate with a website, app, or data provider.