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HR Service Delivery software aims to simplify complex HR operations by combining service center and help desk technologies. It streamlines how HR personnel provide services and interact with employees, enabling efficient request management, process automation, and consistent service delivery.

To qualify as an HR Service Delivery software, a product must:

  • Provide a centralized platform for HR personnel to manage and deliver services to employees effectively.
  • Offer a service request management system to track, categorize, and route employee inquiries related to HR matters like information requests, payroll, benefits administration, etc.
  • Include an employee self-service portal for submitting requests, accessing information, and engaging with HR services independently.
  • Automate the assignment of inquiries to the appropriate HR personnel or department based on the request type.
  • Enable the configuration and automation of HR service processes and workflows for efficient request handling.
  • Provide analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor employee interactions, request volumes, resolution times, and other key metrics.
  • Optionally leverage artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning to automate workflows by recognizing common requests and integrating relevant HR responses.
  • Integrate with core HR software systems for seamless access and updates to employee information.
  • Offer integration with help desk software or IT service management tools for cross-departmental collaboration and request management.


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FAQs of HR Service Delivery Software

HR service delivery software aids organizations and HR staff in simplifying intricate HR operations. These solutions merge service center and help desk technology, standardizing how HR personnel deliver services and engage with employees.

HR service delivery encompasses the processes, tools, and approaches HR teams utilize to support employees. HR (and People Ops) teams handle various company functions including payroll and benefits, employee development, onboarding, and offboarding.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) is a module within the ServiceNow platform that digitizes, organizes, and streamlines a broad range of HR services through a unified web portal.

List of the best HR software:

  1. Paylocity
  2. ADP Workforce Now
  3. Paycom
  4. Rippling
  5. BambooHR
  6. Sage People
  7. Zimyo
  8. Pulse HRM

Service delivery management software eliminates barriers and integrates your tools, employees, and customer expectations. It ensures your teams stay focused, your data remains dependable, and your service level agreements (SLAs) are fulfilled.