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Hospice software helps hospice agencies manage clinical, financial, and administrative data, allowing staff to dedicate more time to patient care. It consolidates administrative data, records, and analytics in a central location, enabling easy access for managers and administrators.

As a specialized subset of home health care or private duty home care software, hospice software caters to the unique needs of hospice agencies. It provides easy access to end-of-life documentation, such as advance directives and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment (POLST).

To be part of the Hospice Software category, a product needs to:

  • Simplify clinical processes with tools for managing patient care, medication administration, automated alerts, risk assessment calculations, and more.
  • Offer tools for payment management, including payroll reporting, Medicare tracking, billing compliance, and revenue cycle management.
  • Generate customizable forms for various documentation needs, such as Medicaid waivers, consent forms, assessments, dietary plans, social service paperwork, etc.
  • Grant access to employee and patient data to improve scheduling efficiency for tasks, clinicians, personnel, and other resources.


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FAQs of Hospice Software

It’s a technology system used by hospice providers to manage patient care, clinical documentation, scheduling, billing, and operations related to end-of-life palliative care services.

Certain hospice and home health agencies are leveraging telehealth technologies to bridge the gap between family members and providers. This fosters a sense of connection for family members who are geographically distant, allowing them to feel more involved in their loved one’s care and better understand the details of visits.

Over the past decade, palliative medicine has undergone significant evolution. Once solely associated with hospice care and end-of-life situations, it has now transformed into a sophisticated medical subspecialty. Backed by a substantial and expanding body of evidence, palliative medicine has become a robust field in its own right.

Axxess Home Care stands as an innovative and industry-leading software solution tailored for skilled, pediatric, and private duty home care organizations. It excels in streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, ensuring compliance, fostering business growth, and ultimately improving outcomes for both providers and patients.

Medicare categorizes hospice care into four levels: routine home care, continuous home care, general inpatient care, and respite care. Depending on their needs and preferences, a hospice patient may undergo any combination of these levels or only one.