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Heatmap Software help visualize how users interact with web pages or mobile apps. They track user behavior like clicks, hovers, and scrolling patterns, creating visual heat maps that highlight the most active areas. Marketers and developers use these insights to analyze page design effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and optimize user engagement and conversion rates.

Heatmap tools integrate with existing web infrastructure and content management systems. Many also include features like digital analytics, conversion rate optimization, product analytics, and session replay capabilities. While initially focused on web visitors on desktops and tablets, these tools have expanded to support mobile app analytics for optimizing mobile experiences.

To qualify as a heatmap Software, a product must:

  • Generate heatmaps overlaying user interactions on web pages or mobile interfaces
  • Track and monitor clicks on specific page elements
  • Collect data on a per-page or per-user session basis
  • Offer report filtering based on user behaviors or demographics


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FAQs of Heatmap Software

A website heatmap is a behavior analytics tool that assists in understanding how visitors interact with individual website pages. It helps identify if they are accessing important content and utilizing key page elements such as links, buttons, opt-ins, and CTAs.

Some Best Heatmap Software Shortlist:

  • Mouseflow: Ideal for optimizing PPC campaigns.
  • Smartlook: Excellent for mobile apps.
  • Glassbox: Well-suited for AI-driven recommendations.
  • FullStory: Great for tracking frustration signals.
  • Plerdy: Perfect for first-click analysis.
  • Hotjar: Best for multi-dimensional behavior insights.

A Google heat map is a visualization tool that represents the density of data points using colors.

A tracking code is added to your website or app which anonymously records user interactions like clicks, taps, scrolling, and mouse movements. This data is used to generate the clickable heatmaps.

Heatmaps highlight the “hot” and “cold” areas of your pages/screens. Hot areas are where most users click or spend time, while cold zones get minimal interactions.