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Mobile forms automation software digitizes data collection by automating the process of creating and managing digital forms. These solutions enable the creation of various form types like checklists, contracts, surveys, work orders, internal records, and client-facing documents – often through a drag-and-drop form builder. This software can streamline workflows across any team in an organization, but it is commonly used by field teams for field surveys, site inspections, maintenance assessments, and more. Mobile forms automation tools allow organizations to accurately and efficiently collect critical data, which can be integrated into existing databases and workflows to ensure seamless day-to-day operations. In addition to the cost and time savings of digital forms, this software provides valuable analytics from the retrieved data, offering organizations actionable insights that can feed into dashboards.

While mobile forms automation software can be standalone applications, they can also be components of broader solutions like field service management software, environmental health and safety software, and workflow management software.

To be considered for inclusion in the Mobile Forms Automation category, a product must meet the following criteria:

  • Allow creating and distributing digital forms using a form editor and customizable templates
  • Store forms in a centralized, searchable repository
  • Provide integration capabilities with current databases and applications
  • Enable setting up rules and permissions to assign form creation, editing, and approval access rights


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FAQs of Form Management Software

It’s a type of software that helps organizations create, distribute, collect, and manage various types of forms and documents in a centralized and efficient manner.

Here are the top 8 form builder software options:

  • ClickUp: ClickUp is a leading project management and form builder tool.
  • Jotform: Jotform offers a comprehensive form-building platform.
  • Google Forms: Google Forms provides a user-friendly interface for creating forms.
  • Microsoft Forms: Microsoft Forms offers easy form creation within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Elementor Form Builder: Elementor offers a form-building feature as part of its website building platform.
  • Feathery: Feathery provides a customizable form-building solution.
  • Paperform: Paperform offers a versatile form-building platform.
  • Gravity Forms: Gravity Forms is a popular form builder plugin for WordPress.

The Form Manager application is a specialized interface for building forms and managing data, designed specifically for non-developers. It empowers non-developer teams to efficiently handle forms and data without requiring access to the project.

Common features include form creation tools, workflow automation, e-signatures, data integration, mobile accessibility, and reporting/analytics capabilities.

Workflow automation streamlines the routing, review, and approval processes for forms, ensuring they are sent to the right people or departments in the correct order.