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Field sales software is designed for sales teams engaged in door-to-door operations. It streamlines field processes by optimizing sales routes, providing real-time visibility into rep locations, and enabling activity logging.

Key capabilities include:

  • Route planning and optimization for maximizing field efficiency
  • GPS tracking of sales reps’ locations and progress monitoring
  • Logging sales transactions and capturing customer data
  • Integrating with or providing CRM functionality
  • Generating reports on field sales performance and activities

While broader sales solutions focus on digital territories for phone/email outreach, field sales software specializes in managing the unique aspects of in-person, location-based selling.

It enables seamless field mobility by guiding reps through their physical territories, capturing on-site data, and providing managers with visibility into their field teams’ whereabouts and progress.

To qualify for the Field Sales category, a product must:

  • Plan and route physical sales territories
  • Track rep locations and provide manager visibility
  • Facilitate data capture (sales, transactions, contacts)
  • Offer CRM integration or built-in contact management
  • Report on field performance and sales activities

The core value proposition is optimizing the productivity and oversight of dispersed, mobile sales teams through intelligent route planning and real-time activity tracking.


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FAQs of Field Sales Software

Field sales software is tailored to assist sales representatives who operate outside traditional office settings or in the field. It leverages Sales Force Automation platforms, building upon their data and capabilities to create specialized tools and functionalities specifically for sales activities carried out in the field.

CRM software is a digital tool that facilitates managing customer interactions from their first contact with the company through to post-sale engagement. Sales software assists businesses in overseeing the entire sales process, spanning from inquiries and orders to invoicing and payment handling.

CRM software, such as Nutshell, offers sales tracking and automation functionalities, easing the workload for your team and allowing them to concentrate on refining processes and driving sales.

Field sales, also known as outside sales, involves sales representatives venturing into the market to sell directly. They identify prospects, establish contact, follow up on leads, and ultimately, seal the deal.

To thrive as a field sales representative, securing appointments with potential buyers is crucial. Without them, closing deals becomes significantly challenging. However, with effective prospect identification, lead qualification, and engaging communication, setting appointments should be relatively straightforward.