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Feature management software enables controlled rollouts and rollbacks of application features through centralized management of feature flags or “toggles.” These flags determine whether a specific feature is live or inactive within a deployed app.

Key capabilities include:

  • Centralized hub for creating, updating, and toggling feature flags
  • Granular control over selective rollouts to targeted user segments
  • Monitoring and metrics tracking for live features
  • FacilitatingA/B testing by rolling out features to specific groups
  • Streamlining logistical complexities of managing numerous feature toggles

By abstracting feature lifecycle management, these tools allow dev teams to decouple feature rollouts from code deployments, mitigating risks and enabling data-driven, controlled releases.

To qualify for the Feature Management category, a product must provide:

  • Centralized feature flag management interface
  • Ability to perform selective rollouts and rollbacks
  • Live feature monitoring and analysis capabilities

The core value proposition is empowering teams to confidently release new functionality through controlled experimentation, progressive rollouts, and granular targeting, while mitigating risks.


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FAQs of Feature Management Software

Feature management is a contemporary software development practice that separates feature release from code deployment, allowing for rapid changes to feature availability as needed.

Feature flags are a software development concept that permits you to activate or deactivate a feature without altering the source code or necessitating a redeployment. They are often known as feature toggles, release toggles, or feature flippers.

CloudBees Feature Management is an advanced feature flagging solution that enables development teams to swiftly build and deploy applications without sacrificing safety.

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Successful managers must perform all four while overseeing their work and team. These functions are foundational to any professional managerial position.

LaunchDarkly provides granular control over your users’ experience. With feature flags, you don’t need to roll back code to undo a feature releaseā€”simply adjust the flag status.