Best Farm Management Software

Farm management software centralizes and optimizes the operational activities of farms. It enables farmers to strategically and efficiently manage daily tasks, responsibilities, and workflows through automated data recording, activity monitoring, expense tracking, and budget management.

Key capabilities include:

  • Automating farm data capture and storage
  • Analyzing production activities and resource consumption
  • Tracking expenses and managing financial operations
  • Supporting accounting, planning, procurement, marketing, and budgeting

While overlapping with crop management and precision agriculture solutions, farm management software has a broader scope covering comprehensive farm operations.

Specialized offerings cater to dairy, cattle, grains, cannabis, and other farm types. However, generalized multi-sector products also exist to benefit farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness managers overseeing diverse operations.

To qualify for the Farm Management category, a product must:

  • Track and provide insights into daily farm operations
  • Offer tools to improve farm production efficiency and profitability
  • Monitor and facilitate in-field worker collaboration
  • Provide crop management functionality
  • Integrate with other agriculture/agribusiness solutions

The core value proposition is centralized operational control, automated record-keeping, and data-driven farm production optimization.


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FAQs of Farm Management Software

Farm Management Software (FMS) is a type of agricultural software designed to assist farmers in running their businesses more efficiently. It enables farmers to monitor their crops and livestock, generate reports, and receive alerts regarding optimal times for harvesting crops or relocating animals to different pastures.

The leading companies in the farm management software sector include AGRIVI (UK), Trimble Inc. (US), Granular Inc. (US), Raven Industries, Inc. (US), TOPCON CORPORATION (Japan), AgJunction LLC (US), Agworld Pty Ltd (US), and Farmers Edge Inc.

CLIMATE FIELDVIEW offers farm management software and data analysis services, enabling smart farming insights. It facilitates crop health monitoring and input management throughout the cultivation process.

The Best Farm Finance Tracking Tools


  1. QuickBooks: Ideal for effortlessly tracking farm expenses and income.
  2. FreshBooks: Accounting software tailored for small business owners.
  3. Expensify.
  4. Agrivi.
  5. FarmBiz.
  6. EasyFarm.
  7. CenterPoint Accounting.
  8. FarmBooks.

A farm management system aids farmers in managing their land and resources, monitoring soil quality, optimizing crop yields through informed decision-making, and creating long-term sustainability plans.