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Conversation intelligence (CI) software helps businesses by recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales calls. This allows the software to identify important keywords and topics discussed during the calls. Users can then quickly access these key points in the recorded calls to gain valuable insights.

Businesses can use CI software for several purposes:

  • Take notes on important conversations with potential customers
  • Identify any risky or noncompliant topics discussed
  • Coach new sales representatives on best practices

Sales coaching software is a related type of tool. While it also has conversation intelligence capabilities, the focus is more on analyzing the sales representative’s language, pacing, and techniques, rather than just the call transcript. Sales coaching software also typically includes features to help sales reps better manage their sales pipeline.

Overall, both CI and sales coaching software provide businesses with powerful tools to improve their sales processes and representative performance.


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FAQs of Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation intelligence is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the content and context of customer conversations, usually from call centers, chat, or other communication channels. The goal is to provide deeper insights that can improve sales, customer service, and overall business performance.

Manually analyzing all your customer interactions is extremely time-consuming and prone to human bias. Conversation intelligence automates this process, giving you a data-driven, objective view of what’s happening in your customer conversations. This allows you to identify trends, optimize workflows, and coach your teams more effectively.

The core capabilities include AI-powered speech/text transcription, sentiment analysis, keyword and topic extraction, customer behavior tracking, agent performance scoring, customizable dashboards and reporting, and integrations with your CRM, contact center, and other business systems.

By analyzing things like tone, emotion, and conversation flow, the software can identify areas to enhance your customer interactions. This could include better agent training, optimized IVR/chatbot flows, or proactive identification of customer issues or churn risks.

Yes, modern conversation intelligence solutions are typically omnichannel, analyzing not just voice calls but also text-based interactions like live chat, email, and social media. This provides a holistic view of the customer journey.