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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software is designed to streamline the entire contract management process, from pre-signature to post-signature activities. In contrast to traditional contract management software, CLM solutions go beyond just managing the creation and signing of contracts.

The key features of CLM software include:

  1. Obligation Tracking: Centrally store and monitor all contractual obligations for internal and external parties.
  2. Performance Management: Provide visibility into the performance of active contracts, ensuring all parties meet their obligations.
  3. Compliance Management: Assist businesses in maintaining compliance with industry regulations, government requirements, and legal obligations.
  4. Dispute Resolution: Facilitate the management and resolution of any contractual disputes that may arise.

To be considered a true CLM solution, a software product must include all the capabilities of a standard contract management system, plus the additional post-signature functionalities listed above. This allows businesses to oversee the entire contract lifecycle, from initial creation to final expiration or renewal.

By leveraging CLM software, organizations can ensure all parties involved understand and fulfill their contractual responsibilities. Additionally, these platforms provide valuable insights and risk mitigation measures to help optimize contract performance and compliance.


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FAQs of Contract Lifecycle Management Software

CLM software helps businesses streamline and automate the entire lifecycle of their contracts – from creation and negotiation to execution, management, and renewal. It provides a centralized hub to manage all contract-related activities and data.

As your business grows, manually tracking contracts across different departments, storage locations, and processes becomes extremely cumbersome and risky. CLM software brings structure, visibility, and efficiency to your contract management.

Key capabilities include contract authoring and version control, clause libraries, automated workflow approvals, e-signature integration, deadline/renewal tracking, audit trails, and advanced reporting and analytics.

Instead of having contracts scattered across emails, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets, the software gives you a single source of truth. You can quickly access full contract details, generate reports, and stay on top of key milestones.

Yes, robust CLM platforms can handle a wide variety of contract types – sales contracts, employment agreements, NDAs, MSAs, SLAs, and more. They provide templates and workflows tailored to each category.