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Container security tools are used to secure multiple components of containerized applications or files, along with their infrastructure and connected networks. Containers have become a popular way to format software units during application development, commonly used by DevOps teams. After development, these containers are orchestrated, deployed, and networked, making security essential throughout the entire lifecycle.

Container security software is used to manage access, test security, and protect cloud computing infrastructure running containerized applications. Key features of these tools include:

  • Management capabilities to determine who can access containerized data or integrate with containerized applications
  • Testing functionalities to assist in developing security policies, discovering zero-day vulnerabilities, and simulating attacks from common threat sources
  • Enforcement of access and security policies
  • Provision of runtime protection capabilities

To qualify for inclusion in the Container Security category, a product must:

  1. Integrate security with DevOps tools
  2. Monitor and secure container networks or pipelines
  3. Enforce access and security policies
  4. Provide runtime protection capabilities

By leveraging container security tools, organizations can ensure the safety and integrity of their containerized applications, infrastructure, and associated networks throughout the entire software development and deployment process.


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FAQs of Container Security Software

Container security software helps protect the containers, images, and underlying infrastructure used to build and run containerized applications. It provides visibility, threat detection, and security controls.

The software scans container images, monitors runtime behavior, and enforces security policies to identify vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, and other potential threats.

Containers are becoming a common way to package and deploy applications, but they also introduce new security risks if not properly managed. Container security software helps mitigate these risks.

DevSecOps teams, security professionals, and platform operators responsible for the security of containerized environments, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments.

It improves the overall security posture of containerized applications, reduces the attack surface, enforces consistent security policies, and helps organizations comply with relevant regulations.