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Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are tools used by companies to legally document and manage a user’s consent choices before collecting, sharing, or selling their data from online sources like websites and apps that use cookies, embedded videos, and other tracking technologies.

CMPs provide end-users with detailed information on how their online behavior may be tracked, the purposes for the data collection, and the specific vendors and entities requesting to use the information. Users are then given the explicit choice to grant, refuse, or revoke consent to having their online activity collected, used, or sold by all or specific parties listed.

CMP providers have a legal basis to store user consent data, which allows them to pass this consent information to third parties like advertising, publishing, and other partners before any lawful data processing.

A company’s legal and marketing teams use CMP software to ensure compliance with global privacy regulations, such as the European Union’s GDPR. CMPs often integrate with other marketing software, including customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, customer data platforms (CDPs), and analytical tools.

Key Points:

  • CMPs document and manage user consent for data collection, sharing, and selling
  • Provide transparency on tracking, purposes, and third-party entities involved
  • Give users control to grant, refuse, or revoke consent
  • CMP providers can legally store and pass on user consent data
  • Used by companies to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR
  • Integrate with various marketing software like CRM, automation, and CDPs


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FAQs of Consent Management Platform

A consent management platform is software that helps companies track and manage the consent that customers and website visitors provide for the use of their personal data.

Strict data privacy regulations like GDPR require that companies get explicit consent from people before collecting and using their personal information. A consent management platform ensures compliance.

The software collects, stores and maintains records of the consent that users provide – such as allowing cookies, subscribing to marketing, or sharing specific data. It then enforces those consent preferences.

Typical consent management covers things like website cookies and trackers, email marketing subscriptions, location sharing, terms of service agreements, and other data usage permissions.

Yes, consent management platforms can connect with CRMs, marketing automation, analytics and other systems to sync up consent data and user preferences across platforms.