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A Component Content Management System (CCMS) is a system that allows you to manage content at a granular component level. It enables teams to author, manage, and share content in real-time across any website, app, portal, or knowledge base. This system tracks links, versions, and metadata associated with each content component, giving you unparalleled control over your content.

Component content management systems are commonly used for both internal and external content management, primarily by technical writers involved in creating documentation such as workforce training, product documentation, field operations, knowledge bases, and more. A CCMS is often integrated with or provides content for other types of software, such as learning management systems, e-commerce platforms, and fixed asset management systems.

To qualify as a Component Content Management System, a product must:

  • Search, classify, and export content.
  • Store content modularly using a semantically rich XML-based data model.
  • Provide content reuse features and the ability to create variants using filters and variables.
  • Allow for collaborative, topic-based authoring, enabling single-sourced content.
  • Offer multi-channel publishing, supporting print or digital consumption.
  • Separate content and layout from the structured authoring environment.


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FAQs of Component Content Management Software

It’s a tool that allows you to create, manage, and reuse modular content components (like text, images, videos) across different digital channels and experiences.

A web CMS manages whole pages or documents. CCMS breaks content into flexible building blocks that can be assembled in multiple ways.

It enables content reuse, consistency across channels, and easier updates by managing components centrally instead of duplicating full pages.

It’s popular with large organizations that manage lots of omnichannel content – websites, mobile apps, emails, docs, digital signage, etc.

Not necessarily. Many companies use CCMS in conjunction with web CMSs, allowing integration between the two systems.

No, component content can power any digital experience – technical documentation, eLearning courses, knowledge bases, and more.