Best Community Management Software

Creating and maintaining a virtual community no longer requires cobbling together multiple online tools. Robust community management software simplifies your community business and scales as you grow.

This article introduces some of the best community management software available today, based on annual rankings from the tech site G2. But first, let’s define community management software and what to look for when choosing one.

Community management software provides tools to create, host, and manage an online community for creators, businesses, or brands. It offers both member-facing and admin functions, allowing you to organize the business side while creating content and experiences for members. Most online community management software also supports user-generated content, enabling conversations and community building among members.

Key Points:

  • Dedicated community management software eliminates the need for multiple tools.
  • It simplifies the process of running and scaling a community business.
  • This software provides tools for creating, hosting, and managing online communities.
  • It offers member-facing and admin functions for content creation and community management.
  • User-generated content capabilities foster conversations and community building among members.


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FAQs of Community Management Software

It’s a tool that helps organizations build, grow, and engage with online communities of customers, fans, members, or other groups.

Common features include discussion forums, member directories, content publishing, moderation tools, analytics, email messaging, and gamification.

It provides a dedicated space for your community to connect, share knowledge, ask questions, and interact around your products/services.

Companies, brands, associations, schools, nonprofits, and any organization seeking to cultivate an active online community.

Yes, many integrate with CRM, marketing automation, social media, live chat, and other business systems.

It increases customer loyalty, gets user feedback, supports self-service, facilitates networking, and promotes your organization.