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Colocation providers offer data center facilities and interconnectivity services to support hybrid IT and digital transformation strategies:

  • Traditional colocation space, power, cooling
  • Data center interconnect fabrics for application/data integration
  • Edge computing capabilities for processing closer to end users
  • Migration and consolidation services amid data center closures
  • Interconnecting core data centers with remote edge facilities

By delivering flexible capacity combined with secure, high-performance interconnection, colocation enables organizations to bridge their core IT infrastructure with distributed digital workloads and data sources. Providers are evolving to facilitate edge-to-core architectures through colocated regional hubs.

With added value beyond just facility hosting, colocation has become a core enabler of hybrid multi-cloud and digital business operations.


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FAQs of Colocation Providers

A colocation provider is a company that rents out space and resources in their data centers for businesses to house their own servers and computing equipment.

Keeping servers on-premises requires dedicated cooling, power, security and technical staff, which can be expensive. Colocation offloads that to a provider.

Typically it includes a secured rack cabinet or caged space, connections to high-speed internet, reliable power sources, cooling systems, fire suppression and 24/7 monitoring.

Yes, colocation tenants are usually given secure access to the facility to install, reboot or service their own servers and hardware when needed.

Most colocation providers offer unmetered data transfer over high-capacity internet connections so you’re not limited by bandwidth.