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A data warehouse collects, processes, and stores data from across an organization to help with decision making. It combines data from different sources like sales, finance, marketing etc. into one central place. Companies use data analytics and visualization tools to get insights from the data warehouse.

The data warehouse pulls in data from systems like CRM, marketing automation, ERP, and supply chain management. This integrated data enables detailed reporting and smarter decisions. Businesses can also use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning on the data to identify trends and patterns. An important feature is the ability to work with third-party business intelligence software, data lakes, data science, and AI technologies.

Data warehouses are used in many industries like banking, healthcare, insurance, retail and more. They can be deployed on-premises, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. Modern cloud data warehouses can handle huge amounts of complex data, scale up/down quickly based on needs, run advanced analytical queries rapidly, and have low setup costs.

For a product to qualify as a data warehouse, it must:

  • Contain company-wide data from multiple departments
  • Integrate and transform data through an ETL process before loading
  • Allow users to query and analyze the stored data
  • Offer multiple deployment options
  • Integrate with third-party BI and reporting tools
  • Serve as an archive for historical data


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FAQs of Cloud Data Warehouse Software

Company: Oracle

Key Data Warehouse Tool: Autonomous Data Warehouse

Differentiator: Autonomous management capabilities

Company: Azure

Key Data Warehouse Tool: Azure Synapse SQL

Differentiator: Intelligent workload management

Company: IBM

Key Data Warehouse Tool: Db2 Warehouse

Differentiator: Fully managed cloud version

Company: Teradata

Key Data Warehouse Tool: Vantage

Differentiator: Significantly enhanced Clearscape Analytics capabilities

Cloud data warehouses offer enhanced computing capabilities, facilitating real-time data querying, which enables faster access and utilization of data compared to on-premises warehouses. This accelerated process leads to quicker and more accurate insights, empowering businesses to make more informed decisions.

If you rely on a suite of Google apps, Google BigQuery would be a natural selection. Similarly, if you utilize a suite of Microsoft apps, Azure SQL Database or Azure Synapse Analytics would be ideal choices. Let’s explore some of the top cloud data warehouses taking these factors into account.

An integrated, cloud-native data warehousing solution such as Azure Synapse Analytics enables organizations to expand, process, and store data with enhanced speed and reduced expenses.

Snowflake powers a wide range of applications using a single copy of data—within a data warehouse that is both intuitive and powerful.