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Chargeback management software helps businesses accepting credit/debit card payments reduce chargeback risks, whether fraudulent or not. It monitors transactions, logs data, and flags suspicious activities. Some software also offers chargeback dispute resolution tools.

The software manages chargeback risks proactively by ensuring only legitimate payments are processed or reactively by efficiently challenging chargeback requests.

Regardless of the chargeback reason, merchants bear the costs. Using this software helps avoid additional charges, as even refunds are less costly than chargebacks.

Key Points:

  • Monitors and flags suspicious transactions
  • Reduces fraudulent and non-fraudulent chargeback risks
  • Proactive defense against illegitimate payments
  • Efficient chargeback dispute resolution
  • Helps avoid costly chargeback fees and charges
  • More cost-effective than bearing chargeback losses


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FAQs of Chargeback Management Software

It’s a tool that helps merchants efficiently respond to and dispute chargebacks (customer-initiated payment reversals) from credit card transactions. It automates much of the labor-intensive chargeback process.

Responding to chargebacks requires providing detailed evidence and following strict process rules, all within tight deadlines. Software ensures you represent each case properly to maximize your chance of reversals.

Must-haves include automating retrieval requests, creating comprehensible case files, rule-based reason code detection, two-way communication with processors and card networks, and analytics/reporting.

It centrally manages all your chargeback cases across multiple payment processors in one platform. No more juggling different portals and emails. Everything is tracked and prioritized based on reason codes and deadlines.

Yes, the software uses intelligent reason code detection to read the codes provided by issuers and auto-categorize cases. This ensures the proper compelling evidence gets compiled.