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Certificate lifecycle management (CLM) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software help organizations securely authenticate and encrypt information using digital certificates. PKI is a cryptography system that protects digital communication and data from unauthorized access, impersonation, tampering, or other attacks.

The main benefit of this software is that it provides visibility and automation throughout the entire lifecycle of digital certificates, including issuance, discovery, inventory, provisioning, deployment, securing, monitoring, renewal, and revocation. CLM and PKI software replace manual certificate management methods, such as tracking on spreadsheets, helping companies avoid system downtime and vulnerabilities caused by errors or expired certificates.

These software solutions provide capabilities for issuing, managing, and automating various types of digital certificates, including SSL/TLS certificates, client authentication certificates, digital signatures, and SSH certificates. They are used for user authentication, machine-to-machine authentication for servers and containers, digitally signing code and documents, encryption and integrity for IoT devices, and many other use cases.

In simple terms, CLM and PKI software help organizations securely manage and automate the use of digital certificates, ensuring the protection of their communication, data, and systems from unauthorized access and potential attacks.


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FAQs of Certificate Lifecycle Management Software

It’s a tool that helps organizations manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their digital certificates and private keys used for encryption, authentication, etc. This includes requesting, renewing, revoking, and replacing certificates.

With more apps, devices, and online services relying on certificates, manually tracking and updating them all is extremely difficult. This software centralizes and streamlines certificate management.

Must-have features include certificate discovery/inventory, automated renewal and replacement, centralized policy enforcement, reporting and alerting, integration with public and private certificate authorities, and robust access controls.

It provides a “single pane of glass” to view your entire certificate inventory across the network. You can quickly see what needs to be renewed or replaced from one dashboard instead of manually checking each system.

Yes, the best certificate lifecycle management solutions cover all types of certificates for user authentication, machine identities, mobile devices, internet of things, and more.