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Catering companies have unique needs when it comes to managing food preparation and delivery. Catering software helps them address these needs. This type of software primarily assists caterers with managing orders, planning food production, scheduling deliveries, and creating invoices. Some catering software also includes features to support marketing and sales efforts.

With catering software, companies can plan their food production based on customer demand and ensure accurate and timely deliveries. It also helps them analyze the efficiency and quality of their services.

Since catering is often a critical part of organizing events, catering software needs to integrate with event management software. While some catering software includes payment processing capabilities, others integrate with separate payment processing software. Most catering software solutions also integrate with accounting software.

For a product to be considered catering software, it must:

• Allow users to create and update menus that can be shared with customers through web portals, social media, and more.
• Manage customer orders and schedule deliveries.
• Process orders to prepare the specific food items purchased by customers.
• Include multiple payment options and payment processing functionality.
• Allocate and manage personnel during catering events.


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FAQs of Catering Software

Catering software is a tool designed to help catering companies and food service businesses manage their catering operations and events more efficiently. It handles everything from taking orders and creating menus to scheduling staff and tracking inventory.

If you only do a handful of small catering gigs per year, you might be able to get by with basic tools like spreadsheets. But as your catering business grows, dedicated catering software becomes extremely valuable for keeping everything organized and running smoothly.

Must-have features include order management, online ordering for clients, menu creation tools, inventory and recipe costing, staff scheduling and comunicating with teams, and reporting/analytics. Nice-to-have extras are mobile apps for on-site staff, integrated payment processing, and CRM capabilities.

It eliminates a ton of manual, tedious tasks like data entry, calculations, and staff scheduling shuffles. With catering software, everything is integrated, so you can quickly see costs, staff availability, inventory levels, and more – all in one place. No more digging through different apps and spreadsheets.

Yes, the best catering software solutions have components for both the customer-facing front of house (order taking, menus, payments) and the back of house production side (prep management, vendor ordering, kitchen scheduling).