Best Catering Management Software

Catering companies have specific needs to manage food processing and distribution, which are addressed by catering software. This type of software primarily helps caterers with:

• Order management
• Production planning
• Delivery
• Invoicing

Some solutions also provide features that support marketing and sales efforts. Catering software enables catering companies to:

• Plan food production according to customer demand
• Increase the accuracy of their deliveries
• Analyze the efficiency and quality of the services they deliver

Taking into account that catering can be a critical part of organizing events, this type of software needs to integrate with:

• Event management software

While payment processing functionality is usually included in catering software, some catering solutions integrate with:

• Payment processing software

Most catering software solutions also integrate with:

• Accounting software

To qualify for inclusion in the Catering category, a product must:

• Allow users to create and update menus, which can be shared with customers via web portals, social media, and more
• Manage customer orders and schedule deliveries
• Process orders to create the type of food purchased by customers
• Include multiple payment options and payment processing functionality
• Allocate and manage personnel during events


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FAQs of Catering Management Software

It’s a tool that helps catering companies and food service businesses handle the logistics of catering events and orders. Everything from taking orders and managing menus to scheduling staff and tracking inventory.

If you’re just doing a handful of small events a year, you might get by with basic tools. But once your catering business really gets going, dedicated software becomes super handy for keeping everything organized.

Must-haves are order management, online ordering, menu creation tools, inventory and recipe costing, staff scheduling, and reporting. Other nice-to-haves are mobile apps, payment processing, and CRM capabilities.

Catering software eliminates a ton of manual work like data entry, calculations, and staffing shuffles. Everything is integrated so you can quickly see costs, staff availability, inventory levels, and more.

Yes, the best systems have components for both front of house (order taking, menus, payments) and back of house (production management, vendor orders, scheduling).