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Call screening is the process of vetting phone calls before you answer them. For example, caller ID is a simplistic form of call screening. This lets you see a callerā€™s name and number before you pick up.

A more advanced version of call screening could be usingĀ interactive voice responseĀ (IVR) to learn more about a callerā€™s intent before answering. Once a caller is identified, predetermined rules can block certain area codes or transfer high-priority callers to the correct department.

The purpose of call screening is to help you eliminate unwanted calls while prioritizing the ones that matter. Knowing who a caller is before you pick up the phone lets you decide whether youā€™d like to block the caller, transfer them to a different party or send them to voice mail.


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FAQs of Call Screening Software

Call screening software is a tool that allows users to filter and manage incoming calls based on predefined criteria. It helps prioritize important calls, block unwanted ones, and enhance overall communication efficiency.

Call screening software works by analyzing incoming calls against predefined rules or criteria set by the user. It may use algorithms to categorize calls, allowing users to prioritize, block, or handle them in customized ways.

Call screening benefits users by allowing them to control and prioritize their incoming calls. It helps reduce disruptions from unwanted or irrelevant calls, ensures important calls are not missed, and enhances overall communication management.

Yes, call screening software is valuable for businesses to manage incoming calls effectively. It can help filter out spam calls, prioritize customer inquiries, and improve overall communication efficiency.

Yes, call screening software is often customizable. Users can set specific rules, create whitelists and blacklists, and define how calls from different categories are handled based on their preferences.