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FAQs of Bug Bounty Platforms

A bug bounty platform is a marketplace that connects companies with cybersecurity researchers who identify and report security vulnerabilities in their systems or software in exchange for rewards or bounties.

Companies post their programs detailing what systems or software they want tested. Researchers then identify and report vulnerabilities through the platform. If valid, the company rewards the researcher with a bounty.

Bug bounty platforms accept reports on a wide range of vulnerabilities, including but not limited to software bugs, security loopholes, code flaws, configuration errors, and even design flaws.

No, bug bounty platforms cater to companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Many platforms offer flexible programs suitable for businesses with varying budgets and security needs.

Reward amounts vary based on the severity of the reported vulnerability, its potential impact, and the company’s predetermined criteria. Bug bounty platforms often provide guidelines to help standardize reward calculations.