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Bot detection and mitigation software identifies and blocks malicious bot activity like DDoS attacks, web scraping, and transaction fraud. Key capabilities:

  • Detecting bots via behavior analysis
  • Identifying and blocking malicious bots
  • Mitigating botnet DDoS attacks
  • Preventing data scraping and theft
  • Reducing fraudulent transactions

This software fortifies websites, apps, and networks against automated bot threats. Alongside perimeter defenses like firewalls, bot detection provides an essential layer of protection and visibility. Companies gain better resilience and data security against growing bot attacks.


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FAQs of Bot Mitigation Software

Bot mitigation software is a tool designed to detect and mitigate automated bot traffic on websites or applications.

Bot mitigation software helps protect your online assets from malicious bots that can harm your website, steal data, or disrupt operations.

It employs various techniques like behavioral analysis, CAPTCHA challenges, IP blocking, and machine learning to identify and block bots.

Yes, advanced bot mitigation solutions can differentiate between legitimate bots like search engine crawlers and harmful bots.

Effective bot mitigation software minimizes the impact on legitimate users by accurately identifying and blocking malicious bot traffic.