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Background check software streamlines pre-employment screening for new hires. Key features include:

  • Criminal record, employment, education, and credit checks
  • Compliance with FCRA and state laws
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems
  • Centralized data and workflows

By automating background checks, organizations easily verify candidates and manage screening data. Accredited software ensures legal compliance. Integration with ATS enables unified candidate records for efficient hiring. Background screening mitigates hiring risks while maintaining efficient recruiting.


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FAQs of Background Check Software

Background check software automates the process of verifying an individual’s history, including criminal records, employment, and education.

The software gathers information from various databases, public records, and sources to compile a comprehensive report on an individual’s background.

Yes, when used in compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing privacy and data protection.

Common types include criminal background checks, employment verification, education verification, credit history checks, and more.

Accuracy varies depending on the quality of data sources and the software’s algorithms. Reputable providers strive for high accuracy rates.