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Biometric time and attendance software automates workforce tracking using fingerprint or facial recognition. Key features:

  • Clock in/out with biometrics for accuracy
  • Real-time visibility into attendance data
  • Automated payroll based on hours worked
  • Access control integration at entry points
  • Analytics on absenteeism, overtime, etc.

Biometric authentication eliminates attendance fraud such as buddy punching. Managers gain insights into workforce productivity and overtime costs. Streamlined payroll processes save time. With automated workforce tracking, companies achieve better human capital management.


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FAQs of Biometric Attendance Software

Biometric attendance software uses unique biological traits like fingerprints or facial recognition to identify and record employee attendance accurately.

Yes, biometric attendance software offers high levels of security by relying on unique biological traits that are difficult to forge or replicate.

Yes, most biometric attendance software solutions offer integration capabilities with other HR or payroll systems for seamless data management

In such cases, the employee can re-enroll their new biometric data into the system to ensure accurate attendance tracking.

Yes, some biometric attendance software solutions offer remote attendance tracking features through mobile applications or online portals.