How to Download Twitter Video from PC, Mac or Mobile Easily?


How to Download Twitter Video? This is something that all of us who use this social network have asked ourselves on more than one occasion. And, contrary to what it might seem, downloading content from this platform is not something very easy to achieve. Therefore, in this guide I am going to teach you how to do it, with Apps or Online tools (and in a few clicks).

In addition, being able to download audiovisual content from this platform has multiple advantages, since if you already know what Twitter is and how it works, you will know that it is a very volatile network, where ‘tweets’ do not usually last too long in the top positions of any Timeline.

For this reason, many of its users (like you, who are reading this article) prefer to download a video from Twitter, so that they can share it on other platforms or watch it later.

How to Download Twitter Video from PC or Mac?

Taking into account that manually downloading a video from this platform is currently not possible, here I want to show you the best online tools and free mobile Apps to download that content: 

1. Download TW Video

With this image ( enter here ), there is no doubt about what this free platform is for, since it could not have a more obvious name so that you understand its activity.

In addition, its operation is designed for people who do not have much computer knowledge, since you only have to copy the URL of the message that contains the file you want to download.

Once on your clipboard, paste it in the space provided for it and you can choose whether to obtain it in MP4 in normal quality or in HD.

Obviously, the high definition quality will be such if the element uploaded to the social network has been uploaded in this quality. Otherwise, the tool will provide it to you in the highest possible quality.

2. Save Tweet Vine

Again, we have before us another page with a name that shows how it works, since « Save Tweet Vid » also allows you to easily download Twitter videos, Online and in less than 1 minute on this social platform.

In addition, it includes another extra functionality: with it, you can also choose whether to download only the audio of the file from this social network, in case you are only interested in listening to it on your device.

3.T.W. Saver

For the functionality for which you have entered this article, which is to know how to download audiovisual files from your own account, this may be one of the most complete of those that I show you today.

And it is that TW Saver not only allows you to obtain this type of content from this social platform, but from its very interface, you have the option of downloading it from Facebook and Instagram, by clicking on its header section.

4.TW Down

As you can see in this image, TW Down allows you to obtain multimedia files from the ‘little bird’ social network in various qualities and even convert it to “audio only” in MP3 format.

After choosing this option, we just have to click on ” Download ” and we will have it on our local drive.

That’s easy!

5.TW Download

If you are one of those who is not satisfied with a single format to choose from when it comes to obtaining this content from your favourite social network, TW Download may become one of those that you should have in your browser’s ‘favourites’.

And it is that the 4 extensions and qualities in which it allows you to download videos from this social network make it more than recommended, even more so considering that it is a 100% free online tool.

By clicking on « Download Link «, we can finally save it on our mobile device, PC or Mac.

6.Get FVid

It is another very intuitive tool to be able to save all the audiovisual content that we want on your device, in case we cannot review our entire Timeline of this social network.

Get FVid also has a special extension for Firefox, which you can get hold of with just 1 click, even faster!

So if you regularly use this browser, you should try it today.

7. Download TW Videos

With a name very similar to the first of the platforms that I previously showed you in this list, “Download TW Videos” ( try it here ), this one has practically the same possibilities.

The only difference is that here you are allowed to get the clips in 3 different qualities:

  • Low Quality
  • HD
  • Medium Quality

Obviously, you will almost always prefer to download them in HD, but you may not have enough space on your local drive. For this reason, sometimes a medium or low quality will not be a bad option either.

How to download Twitter video from iPhone or Android?

Bearing in mind that through various Internet pages we can get these contents quickly and easily on our PC or Mac computer, now we will see the same procedure for mobile phones.

And it is possible that you will only find the possibility of downloading them from your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Here I show you some Apps from which to obtain them:

TW Video Downloader (Android)

As I showed you in this previous clip, with this App for Android mobiles, once you are on the tweet that contains the file to download, just by keeping your finger pressed on it, an option to “Share Tweet via…” will appear.

So, among all the sharing variants, choose the one of this application ( install it here ) and it will immediately import its URL, so you can choose the quality with which to get it on your mobile.

It’s that simple!

Download Twitter videos (for Android mobiles)

The keywords with which they have named this recently created App ( download it in the Play Store ) make it clear that it will perfectly meet the requirements that we have been looking for.

In addition, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 by those who have already tried it, they show that it is effective and fast: just what we have been looking for, without more.

Workflow or Shortcuts (for iPhone)

Actually, in the market for iPhone applications there are not many alternatives to obtain all the audiovisual material directly on this type of mobile.

However, Workflow or Shortcuts is a task automation tool similar to “IFTTT”, which allows you to do it, just by selecting the “share via…” option on the tweet itself and then selecting “Run workflow”.

In this way, you can download Twitter videos on iPhone very easily.

Can I download a video from Twitter manually?

If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, the answer would have been different. But, today, I have to tell you NO.

And it is that, just by playing them from the social network itself and clicking with the right button, before we could choose the classic option “ Save video as… ” and in a few seconds you already had it on your device or computer.

However, the techniques used in the past to be able to download this type of content are no longer valid, at least without resorting to external programs or tools.

In addition, as you can see in the previous screenshot, from the Web Escuela Timeline, with this command you can now only copy the address or URL of the content itself and nothing else.

Having clarified this last detail, I recommend you try one of the Apps or Online tools created for this purpose that I showed you previously.


Obviously, the need with which you entered this article, I imagine that it will have already been settled, since you have been able to know a great list of tools to download videos from Twitter Online, both from your own account and from those of other contacts.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy all those contents that, due to lack of time or the volatility of this social network, can make you miss out on tweets that are very interesting for your strategy and that provide you with that extra knowledge that you were missing.

Finally, and although it sounds somewhat repetitive every time you see content of this type on my blog, I must inform you that you should always consult and respect all content copyrights, especially when you intend to obtain content published by other users of the Internet.